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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Hallelujah, Victor and Sharon Bust Up!

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Victoria/Victor/Sharon: Kids, The Black Knight reveals his nasty side to Sharon, courtesy of her former sister-in-law. It seems Victoria is really not amused with the slonkey's relationship with her dad and lets her know it. Sharon decides to go for the jugular, by telling Victoria she slept with Billy! Mrs. Abbott is horrified to say the least. She heads off and has a showdown with her hubby about what Sharon revealed. Victoria's fear is alleviated when Billy tells her the sex with  Sharon didn't mean a thing and was just drunk sex. Billy also tells Victoria the encounter happened eons ago, before he they began their relationship. Victoria is relieved by what Billy tells her and decides to get revenge on Sharon.

While Victor and Sharon are having a romantic dinner at the ranch, Victoria clues Victor in on Sharon's romp with Billy! Victor is livid and appalled by what he learns and 86's the dinner between the two. He asks Sharon to leave the main house! Sharon is confused by Victor's cold attitude towards her and wants to know what happened. However, in true fashion he gives her the shaft.

When Victor leaves the room, Sharon decides to play junior detective and checks his phone to see who he spoke with right before he brushed her off. She finds out it was Victoria and deduces she snitched about sleeping with Billy and is fuming.

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Sharon bumps into Victoria afterwards and has a heated confrontation about what she told Victor! Victoria then lets Sharon know, even though she made it all the way up to the main house on the ranch, she will NEVER be number one in Victor's heart and life, it will always be Nikki. She further informs Sharon the only reason why Victor even entertained the idea of being with her is because he isn't able to be with Nikki.

Sharon is stunned by Victoria's admission and unbeknownst to the ladies, Billy overhears it all. Later, Sharon goes to speak with Victor and reiterates what his eldest child told her, his heart will always belong to Nikki. Meanwhile, Billy tells Victoria about listening in on her catfight with Sharon. He is a bit upset by her behavior and remarks how much she's acting like Victor! "Villy" fans, these two are going to have some serious bumps in the road coming.

Abby: The Naked Heiress must decide whose team is she on regarding the war between Jack and Victor.

Cane/Genevieve: The Aussie con man decides to fall on his sword for his mother. Cane's actions may lead to him being deported and causes his mob moll mama to be in a bind. Genevieve has to decide whether to take one for the team for her son, or looking out for herself. Meanwhile, Genevieve has an inciting offer for Kevin.

Daniel/Phyllis/Nick: Big Red's wedding day has some stunning outcomes. Phyllis and Daniel learn something stunning about Daisy.