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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu’s shocked when Dante drags Tracy and Luke into the PCPD. Dante says he arrested them in connection with Anthony’s disappearance. Lulu’s surprised to hear that Anthony is missing. She asks if he’s dead. Luke assures her that it will be sorted out. Delores explains about the blood in the boathouse and the anonymous tip, which seems suspicious to Lulu. Tracy is sure she can explain everything.

Sonny questions Jason about the arrest and why Liz was called in to help and not Sam. Jason didn’t want Sam anywhere near this problem and thinks John was behind it. Sonny asks if John is using Jason to get to him. Jason says maybe not just Sonny, but Sam as well. Jason assures him that nothing from Franco’s death can be traced back to him.

Sam asks John if he was behind Jason’s arrest and john asks what she thinks and Sam admits she doesn’t think it was. John says she understands him and admits he didn’t do it. Sam denies knowing him that well, but knows he wouldn’t hide if he was going after Jason.

Heather’s driving around with dead Anthony in the car, explaining to him that she’s doing this to help Luke. She gets stopped by the highway patrol, who asks about Anthony. She says he’s sleeping off a bender. The patrolman tells her that the highway is closed and to turn around and go home. Heather waits till he leaves and then decides to bury Anthony’s body where she is.

Todd finds Tea passed out in the parking garage. When she comes to, he tells her she missed Starr’s hearing, but that it went well. Todd offers to drive her to get checked out. They argue back and forth until Tea tells him that she needs to get to a hospital because she’s in labor. Todd gets distracted and runs the car off the road and gets stuck in the mud.

Tea tells him to get them out and to a hospital, but after several attempts Todd isn’t able to get them unstuck. They try their phones, but service is out.

Tracy says she didn’t kill Anthony and points out that Delores saw them all sipping tea on the terrace. Delores says he could have been dead, since she didn’t speak with him, which makes Tracy argue that she would have noticed if her husband was dead. Tracy claims Anthony was passed out since he’s an alcoholic.

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Dante wants to know where Anthony is. Tracy tells him to check all the casinos and bars. Dante asks why they were getting rid of a gun. Tracy says she assumed it was Anthony’s and when she found it she called Luke to dispose of it. Luke tells her to stop talking until he can get Alexis down there.

Tracy wants to tell the truth, but Luke points out that she can’t say she asked Luke to kill Anthony or that he was planning on kidnapping Anthony. Dante gets the ballistics report and says the gun was fired recently and has a partial fingerprint. Tracy admits their prints are on it, since they both touched it. She swears she didn’t shoot Anthony.

Dante asks why she invited Anthony to the boathouse and shows her his phone with the text from her. Tracy wonders where he got the phone and Dante says Johnny gave it to them when he pointed the finger at Lacey. Dante tells Delores to book them.

Lulu tells her father there’s more to the story and to confide in her since she isn’t a cop. She says she wants to help and that he needs to start talking before its too late.

Sonny thinks John is playing Jason and Sam. He is worried that Sam may have said something. Jason knows Sam has confided in the wrong person, but is sure she didn’t say anything. He’s convinced John wants him out of the way. Sonny wants to know what they’re going to do about it and says McBain needs to disappear. Jason doesn’t want Sam caught in the middle.

Sonny‘s worried John will go after Kate and she’ll lose her career and her reputation and he can’t let him do that. He says John needs to be eliminated. Jason points out that John is former FBI and they don’t need that kind of trouble, but he can send a message. Sonny warns him to use people he can trust. Sonny tells Jason that he needs to work things through with Sam that she’s having a baby and it doesn’t matter who the father is. Sonny says Sam needs him.

John doesn’t want Sam caught in the middle and tells her to go home. However, Sam feels there is wall with Jason that she can’t get through and that they can’t connect. Sam goes to leave, but has a contraction. She assures john that she’s not in labor, that it’s too soon and that it’s likely false labor but that maybe they should call a doctor.

Both their cells and the land line is out as well, so Sam starts to panic, saying she had a stillbirth before and that she can’t lose the baby but that something is seriously wrong. John calms her down but she still wants to talk to a doctor. John offers to go down to the office and check for a working phone, but Sam doesn’t want him to leave her. She says her water broke.

Tea screams at Todd that she’s having the baby now. Sam tells John that she’s having the baby now.