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Wishful Coupling: 10 Soap Pairings We’d Like to See This Summer


The hazy days of summer are upon us. As temperatures rise outside, so does our desire to see some hot soap pairings.  In honor of umbrella drinks, swim suits and sun tanning, here are 10 Soap Pairings We’d Like to See This Summer. Sure some will never happen, but the heat has gotten to our heads.

No. 10: Devon and Noah, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless has tried/tested pairing Devon (Bryton James) with various Genoa City women, but all of them have fizzled like a day old can of soda.  However, we spotted more than a few sparks between him and Noah (Kevin Schmidt) at the Abbott party. Of course, we couldn’t help but wonder at the possibility of the two hooking up. Maybe it’s time Noah ordered himself a chocolate banana split with a cherry on top. Plus, it’s summer and their heat might just carry over into fall’s cool nights.


No. 9: Kristina and Milo, General Hospital

Kristina Davis (Lindsey Morgan) returned to Port Charles with a camera crew in tow, to film her reality series Mob Princess.  Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) weren’t happy about the TV show, but it provides a great opportunity to explore her romantic possibilities. Obviously Sonny will need someone to keep an eye on his only daughter, so why not bring in bodyguard Milo (Drew Cheetwood) to protect the fiery girl. Forced together, they could resent each other. She could torture him, while he could frustrate her by refusing to fall for her antics. As the summer drags on, loathing could turn into sexual tension.

General Hospital fans enjoyed Max (Derk Cheetwood) and Diane (Carolyn Hennesy); maybe Milo and Kristina could be equally as fun?


No. 8: Caroline and Thomas, The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s the classic story of a boy meeting a girl, who another boy wants for his own. This is Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) and Thomas’ (Adam Gregory) story in a nutshell. While a bit cliché, we’re enjoying the pair and hope they sizzle all summer long. The only question is, will Rick (Jacob Young) somehow steal Caroline away from Thomas?


No. 7: Todd and Carly, General Hospital

From their first meeting at the Metro Court desk, Carly ( Laura Wright) and Todd’s (Roger Howarth) chemistry jumped off our TV screens and rushed for the nearest air conditioner to cool down.  Whether sharing a burger or facing off over their children, Carly may have met her sarcastic match in Todd Manning. With so much potential, we can’t wait to see them get busy between the sheets.

No. 6:  Bill and Brooke, The Bold and the Beautiful

Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) have at least one thing in common, an intense need to talk about their children’s sex lifes. Could it be overcompensation for a lack of sexual satisfaction in their marriages? Bill has memorably fantasized about Brooke (see above), while Brooke has been with almost every man unrelated to her on The Bold and the Beautiful. Why couldn’t they have a hot clandestine summer romance and explore Bill's fantasy?

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No. 5: Deacon and Steffy, The Bold and the Beautiful

Always at the short end of Liam’s (Scott Clifton) romantic stick, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) needs a summertime distraction and who better than the devilish Deacon Sharpe(Sean Kanan)? Extremely popular with The Bold and the Beautiful fans, Deacon needs some prison free lovin’. Temperatures would skyrocket and heat advisory warnings would have to be issued if these two tangoed this summer. 


No. 4: John McBain and Sam, General Hospital

John McBain (Michael Easton) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) share an undeniable connection. They simmer with intensity, sizzle with chemistry and erupt with potential on General Hospital. Sam melts like a an ice cube beneath his hot gaze. This summer we hope he warms her stone cold crusted heart.


No. 3: Sharon Newman and Nobody, The Young and the Restless

Enough already! The only person Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) needs to be with this summer is herself. A long spa vacation is in order for this damaged soul. She needs to find herself, repair her broken heart, uncover her identity without a man and immerge at summer’s end a strong, independent woman. If the temptation of Nick (Joshua Morrow), Adam (Michael Muhney), Victor (Eric Braeden) or anyone else with the Y Chromosome becomes too intense, she needs to don her summer shades and visit an adult novelty shop. If discovered, she can always blame it on her kleptomania.


No. 2: EJ and Will, Days of Our Lives

No two people have more chemistry on Days of Our Lives than EJ (James Scott) and Will (Chandler Massey).  It may be indecent, it may be unanticipated, but it sizzles like two lip smacking, juicy steaks on a BBQ grill ready to be devoured. We’d love to see DAYS sink its teeth into such a meaty storyline, this summer, as the two men find love, or even just sex, beneath Salem’s summer sun.


We all remember the last time a hot summer night brought General Hospital's Jason (Steve Burton) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) together and it’s time for a redux. Their chemistry cries out with sex appeal and they share a connection that forever pulls them back into each other’s orbit. With a McBam heat wave blanketing Port Charles, Jason and Elizabeth must find relief in each other’s arms.