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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason hires a couple of thugs to give John a message but warns them to keep Sam out of it. Carly arrives as they're heading out. She has the newspaper and wants Jason to sue. He says he can’t since it’s all true and tells her the whole story about Franco. Carly’s shocked but decides she won't judge Sam. Jason says he hates Franco so much, it will affect the baby. Carly tells him not to give up on what he has with Sam.

Luke swears to Lulu that he didn’t kill Anthony and Lulu points out that no one said anything about killing, then asks if Anthony is dead. Lulu wants Luke to have confidence in her and tell her the story. Luke explains finding the body and then moved it when Delores showed up but then the body disappeared. Lulu figures whoever killed him, probably moved him. Luke says everything makes them look guilty. Lulu tells him to talk to Dante, but Luke refuses and says he needs to find who’s framing them.

John swears that after Sam delivers, he’ll get them both to the hospital. He wants her to have something to focus on and finds the dragon figurine in her purse. Sam has a hard time focusing, so john tells her that if Jason were there, he’d tell her how beautiful she is. John helps Sam deliver a baby boy. John says he’s going to get the car to take them to the hospital. Jason’s thugs grab John in the hallway, rough him up and toss him on the side of a road.

Todd doesn’t want Tea’s baby born in the rental car and escorts her outside to a bus shelter. Todd says she needs to trust him and let him help her and she delivers her baby. She asks if it’s a boy and Todd doesn’t answer and Tea asks what’s wrong and why the baby isn’t crying. Todd says he isn’t sure what’ wrong and Tea tells him to save her son and take him to the hospital.

Heather stops in the woods and finds a cabin which includes a shovel and wheelbarrow, so she dumps Anthony’s body in the wheelbarrow for easier transportation. Todd comes across the cabin and the wheelbarrow and Heather and explains that he needs her car to get to the hospital. Heather wants to see the baby. Todd swears that if she hurts him, he’ll hurt her.

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Johnny shows up at the PCPD and Dante tells him Luke and Tracy are being arrested for illegal dumping of the gun. Johnny’s upset that they killed Anthony, but Dante says he has no evidence of this or a dead body. He asks Johnny where he’d stash Anthony’s body if he had killed him.

Johnny says to ask Luke and Tracy where the body is. He claims he didn’t kill Anthony and doesn’t want to think about where he might be. Dante says Johnny hated his grandfather but now he’s crying for justice. Johnny states Anthony was family and Dante should understand since he’s giving sonny a second chance. Dante tells him maybe he’ll get a second chance and maybe Anthony’s still alive.

Carly tells Jason that he’ll feel differently when the baby is born since he’s the most protective man. Jason says he couldn’t protect Sam and that she left. Carly says Sam didn’t want to leave, she wanted him to hold her and swear to love her no matter what and now she’s alone. Jason says Sam isn’t alone, she’s with John.

Jason explains Sam running into John and confiding in him and how john wants to take down Sonny through Jason. Carly figures there’s no way Sam would want John over Jason, and I wonder if Carly has seen John lately! Carly doesn’t want Jason to let Sam go and let John pick up the pieces, but Jason says john won’t be around.

Carly accuses Jason of sending the thugs after John and it will backfire, because John will make sure Sam knows the truth and he’ll be the martyr. She tells Jason to call it off and he’s forced to leave a voice message. Carly tells Jason that Sam makes him happy and he needs to reach out to her, that he needs to make the first move. She tells him he needs to forgive himself for not saving her, forgive Sam and then move forward and let it go.

Johnny calls Carly and she agrees to talk. Jason heads out after looking at Sam’s photo.

Sam talks to the baby as she waits for John to come back, telling him how much she loves him and hopes that Jason will too. She’s worried about the baby’s breathing.

Heather’s doing CPR on the baby as Todd frets that he wasn’t breathing properly and asks if the baby will be okay. Heather has a concerned look on her face.