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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Heather tries to save Tea’s baby, but tells Todd that she’s done all she can, that the baby is gone because he wasn’t born strong enough. Todd wonders what he’ll tell Tea, since he’s already killed her husband. She was looking forward to the baby. He wonders what he’s going to do. Heather tells him to use his ingenuity and find a way out. She heads off to deal with Anthony’s body. Todd holds the dead baby and talks to him.

Sam thinks something is wrong with the baby and wonders why John hasn’t returned. She decides she can’t wait for him any longer and heads out to get help. Sam wanders around in the woods and comes across the shed, leaves the baby in a planter outside, walks in and promptly passes out. Todd sees Sam, hears her baby whimpering and finds him outside.

Tea’s talking to heavenly Victor, asking him to protect their son and that she knew something was wrong right away. She knows Todd will save him. She decides not to stay in the car and heads out, looking for Todd.

Jason shows up at the motel looking for Sam. Thinking she’s in her room, tells her through the door that the baby is part of her. John comes to and heads back to the motel to find Sam. Jason finds John’s room in disarray and finds Sam’s figurine. John shows up and tells him that he’s too late, that Sam had a baby boy and he delivered it.

Jason asks where Sam and the baby are. John explains that he went to get the car and was jumped by Jason’s goons. He says she couldn’t have gotten very far on her own. Jason goes to check and comes back saying there is no sign of her. John wonders what’s changed, since Jason didn’t want anything to do with the baby. Jason says he came to talk to Sam and that he needs to find her and his son.

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Johnny finds Carly at the hotel and the two talk things through. Carly explains how she talked Jason into forgiving Sam and that she needs to take her own advice. Carly says she’s been a cheater and always regrets it, but that she was angry and hurt. Johnny asks if she can get past it and swears it was all about revenge. Carly says she can try to forgive, but that there can be no more lies, not even ones of omission or for her own good.

Johnny says there’s something she needs to know. He imagines telling her that he killed Anthony, caused the accident and that Carly freaks. He imagines her calling him a heartless bastard. So instead, he says Anthony is missing and thinks Lacey killed him. Carly thinks Anthony just took off on his own, since she can’t believe Luke would kill him. Johnny explains about shots fired at the Qs and police finding the blood.

Johnny promises to make things up to Carly and she accepts that, but warns him not to make her regret it. Johnny wants to seal it with a kiss.

Tea comes across Todd holding baby Morgan and thinks it’s her child and takes him from Todd. Heather returns and is surprised to see the baby alive. She explains that she breathed life into him. Tea thanks her for saving her son and sits bonding with the baby.

Heather wonders why Todd isn’t happier, but he takes her into the shed where Sam is lying and explains that it’s her baby and not Tea’s. Heather tells Todd that JaSam aren’t together anymore. She says Sam was likely abandoning her baby and to let Tea think the baby is hers. Todd insists he can’t do that. He asks what they would tell Sam about her baby. Heather says to give Sam, Tea’s dead baby, since Sam wanted her baby gone anyway.

Todd swears he would never do that to someone, but Heather feels everyone would be better off. She says she’ll take care of Sam and to take Tea to the hospital. Todd swears neither mother can know the truth. He goes to Tea and they coo over the baby before heading off to the hospital.

Heather mutters that Sam is getting exactly what she deserves.