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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ewen wakes up to find Elizabeth at his bedside. When he remembers what happened, he feels the need to warn everyone about Connie. Liz assures him that Kate is in Shadybrook getting the help she needs and for him to stay put. Liz mentions Maggie and explains how she killed herself. Ewen figures you never know what she was struggling with, but Liz doesn’t think Maggie was the type to kill someone including herself. Ewen reminds her that he still owes her a desert. He asks for them to pick things up where they left off. Liz is happy about that.

Sonny pays Kate a visit. She tells him about a nightmare she’s having about shooting at Anthony and causing the accident. Sonny tells her that it wasn’t her, that she has an illness and Connie caused the accident. Kate points out that she’s Connie and she pulled the trigger. Sonny says the police don’t know about Connie. Kate asks about Starr and how she doesn’t want Starr to come after him. Sonny says Todd knows the truth.

Kate says Todd is a powerful man, but Sonny says they came to an agreement. Todd doesn’t want to punish her since he understands her disease. Kate is surprised that Sonny did all of this for her. Sonny says she didn’t betray him, Connie did. Sonny tells her that she needs to focus on getting better. What happened was an accident. After Sonny leaves, Kate looks in the mirror and sees Connie’s reflection.

Michael runs into Starr and tells her to ask her father who really killed Hope and Cole, since he knows the truth. Starr doesn’t understand why her father wouldn’t have told her. Michael says his father is trying to protect someone, but doesn’t know who.

Tea and baby are brought into the hospital. Todd explains how she gave birth on the side of the road. Tea says she had a terrible feeling her baby was gone, but is grateful to the unknown woman and Todd for saving him. Steve says the baby is fine, but Tea wants a pediatrician to check him out, since he didn’t cry when he first came out. Pif takes the baby to be checked out.

Tea can’t believe how close her baby came to dying. She figures they can’t change the past, but maybe they can change the future. Todd says he has something to tell her but before he has a chance, Starr calls and he tells her that Tea had the baby.

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Heather tells an unconscious Sam that fate brought them together and that she’ll never know the difference. She leaves Baby Delgado in the planter’s box and runs off, when she hears Jason calling out Sam’s name.

Olivia can’t find Heather and leaves a voice message for Steven. Heather shows up. Olivia demands to know where she’s been. Heather claims she went to Kelly’s, but Olivia says it’s closed. Heather asks if Olivia is calling her a liar, then talks about going to the Floating Rib. She mentions Jason and Franco. Olivia says Franco was a sick freak and Heather freaks out and grabs her.

Heather says not to insult Franco because he’s a genius. She then mutters about Maggie, calling her crazy and look where she is now. She thinks people need to be nice to her because karma happens and Sam paid for it. Olivia’s confused, but Heather says those who mess with her get messed in return.

Olivia says Steve trusted her to keep an eye on Heather. Steve shows up worried about Heather, who assures him she’s fine and that Olivia overreacted.

Jason finds Sam on the floor as she’s coming to. She says she left to find help and asks about the baby. She says she left him outside. Jason goes outside and finds the baby and realizes that he’s dead. He holds the baby and tells him that they were right, that as soon as he held him, he knew he would love him. Jason wonders how he’ll tell Sam.

Tea talks to her daughter on the phone and then asks Todd again what he wanted to tell her. Steve and Epiphany come back with the baby and declare him perfect although under weight. Tea asks if that’s why he didn’t cry when he was born, but Steve says the baby is healthy considering he’s early. Todd interrupts before Tea can question that further and says nothing matters now, since the baby is fine. Tea bonds with the baby and wonders who he looks like.

Starr arrives to see Tea and the baby. She is surprised to hear that Todd helped deliver him. Starr tells Todd that she’s happy for Tea, but the baby reminds her of Hope. Starr tells her father to tell her what he really knows about who caused the accident. Todd admits that it was Kate.

Sam says she wants to hold her son. She wants to see him, but Jason tells her he’s gone, he’s died. Sam cries and yells at him that it isn’t true and wonders why Jason would say that to her. She wants to hold the baby. Jason gives her the baby. Sam pulls back the blanket and says the baby isn’t hers.