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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam insists that her baby didn’t die and that this isn’t the baby she gave birth to. She says she knows her son, that he looked like Jason and that someone took her baby and replaced him with this one. Sam says they need to find her son, but Jason just wants to take her to the hospital.

Todd tells Starr that Kate has DID and her alter was responsible for Hope and Cole's death.  Starr understands the deal with Sonny and Michael recanting.  Todd doesn’t want her hanging out with Michael, but Starr says he isn’t a threat to her because she has no reason to hate Sonny. Todd says he understands about revenge and that they shouldn’t do things they’ll regret.

Maxie and Matt are celebrating their wedding night.  Matt still can’t believe that she went to prison for him and is sorry she didn’t get the wedding of her dreams.  She’s just glad he’s free.  As Matt is popping the champagne cork he remembers killing Lisa. Maxie tells him not to think about it, but Matt is shocked that he killed her the way that he did, and not in self defense as he had thought.  Maxie wants

him to forget it all.  After his shower they kiss goodnight and he wishes her a happy wedding night as she turns to her side in the bed.

At Jake’s Felicia and Mac are hoping Mataxie will be okay, even though Mac has doubts about Matt.  Felicia says she feels sorry for Spinelli.  Mac wonders if she’ll be leaving, but Felicia says she and Maxie are getting along better. She wonders why Mac is still single and he jokes about playing strip poker, but things not working out with the women.  She asks why and he says they weren’t her.

Felicia admits they had good times together and Mac says they don’t have to be behind them and leans in for a kiss just as Spinelli stumbles in. He’s there to grab a drink and toast to Mataxie, finding it ironic that he brought them together.  Mac and Felicia try to get him sober.  Spinelli complains that he should have left things as they were, because Matt can’t make Maxie happy like he can.

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Tea is still not sure who the baby looks like when Todd returns and assures her that he looks like Victor.  Todd wonders what difference it makes who he looks like.  Epiphany comes to get the baby to take to the nursery despite Tea’s begging not to.  Pif offers to let Todd bring the baby himself which Tea agrees to.

As Todd is leaving Tea’s room with the baby, Jason wheels in Sam and the deceased baby.  Todd turns away so they don’t see him, walks off, but listens in. Jason tells Pif that Sam had the baby in a motel room. Epiphany wants to take the baby, but Sam says if she lets him go, he’ll be gone.  Piph says he’s with the angels now and Sam breaks down saying he’s supposed to be with her.

Kate is arguing with Connie, saying Sonny believes in her and understands her.  Connie wonders why she let Johnny talk her into this and Kate wants to know what she is talking about.  Starr sneaks into Kate’s room telling her that she knows Kate is the one who caused the accident and says she needs to hear Kate admit it.  Kate says she’s the one that fired the gun that caused the crash.

Kate says Starr tried to kill Sonny, and wants to know what she is planning on doing to her.  Kate says she doesn’t remember anything and explains she’s sick.  Starr says she understands, since she has relatives with DID. Starr says it was so much easier to blame Sonny, since he’s a horrible criminal who’s never paid for anything, but that she can’t hate Kate.  Kate’s glad it’s out in the open and apologizes.  Starr says she wanted to know to get closure, but she still can’t move on without them.

Kate understands if Starr is angry that she isn’t behind bars, but Starr says one day Kate will be cured and will remember what she’s done and will have to live with that.

The doctor examines Sam and tells Jason that physically, she’ll be alright.  Jason asks about the baby and the doctor says they’ll know more after the autopsy.  He says he’s given Sam a sedative to help her sleep.

Sam says she doesn’t understand what happened and thinks if she had gotten help, he’d be okay.  She says John told her he was getting the car but didn’t come back and if he had the baby would be alive.

Jason tells her not to blame John so Sam asks who she should blame.  The nurse comes in to shoo Jason out, saying Sam needs her rest.

Todd goes back to Tea’s room and tells her he can make arrangements for them to go back to Llanview tonight, since she’d be more comfortable.  Pif overhears and says they aren’t going anywhere tonight, but they can go tomorrow if the doctor gives the okay.

Tea says she’s naming the baby Victor, after his father.  Sam tells Jason she was going to name the baby Jason after him.