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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tragedy Strikes on Phick's Wedding Day!

Nick and Phyllis' Wedding Day Turmoil: The Newman playboy and Red pray their wedding day will go smoothly; too bad they live in Genoa City!


Nikki still isn't keen on her son getting re-hitched to Phyllis so soon, but she holds her tongue, and even helps out with wedding plans. Noah stands up for his dad as best man. Nick informs Victor that Sharon is not welcome at the nuptials. Phyllis tells Daniel the same thing re: Daisy. 

Victor agrees to his son's request and attends the affair solo. That doesn't stop Sharon from crashing the affair! Nick lets Sharon know she is persona non grata, but she balks at leaving, claiming she's Victor's date. Victor is shocked by Sharon's audacity.

As Phyllis starts to get ready, Daisy arrives. She attempts to sway her mother-in-law into letting her attend the wedding. The psycho thinks she should be included as Daniel's wife and Lucy's mom. Phyllis refuses to back down, leading to a heated confrontation.

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Once Daisy leaves, Phyllis doubles over with adominal pains. Daisy hears Phyllis in distress, but decides to ignore her! 

Nick starts to get worried when Phyllis doesn't show up for the wedding. He heads over to the penthouse and discovers his bride-to-be on the floor. Nick rushes Phyllis to the hospital, where the doctors inform them Phyllis has lost the baby.

A heartbroken Phyllis puts the blame squarely (and rightfully so) on Daisy's shoulders. Nick sends word to the guests at GloWorm.

Phyllis confides to Nick that her current misfortunes are the result of the bad things she's done in her past.

Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight and his lady love decide to bury the hatchet.

Abby: The Naked Heiress gets into some publicity trouble and asks Carmine for help.

Daniel/Daisy: The artist and the milquetoast psycho's marriage hits the skids.

Tucker/Genevieve: The rebel billionaire assists the mob moll.