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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam has a dream that she’s holding her healthy baby, talking to him and wakes up with a start. Jason assures her all will be okay, but she wants to know how it will be since she just lost her baby.  Sam doesn’t understand why John didn’t come back to get her and just left them there.  Jason doesn’t tell her the truth. 

Todd has a dream that he tells Tea the truth that her baby is dead and she screams at him.  No really, she screamed.  Todd wakes up and Tea wonders why he seems upset.  Steve shows up and says they can be discharged today, but that the baby’s hemoglobin is low and will need to be rechecked in a couple of day.  He says it may be an indication of a genetic condition that runs in families. 

Alexis isn’t happy with the camera crews in the house, but Kristina insists they stay and tape everything. Molly gets a text from Jason that Sam’s in the hospital.  When Alexis calls back, she’s shocked to hear what happened to Sam.  Kristina jokingly asks who Jason killed now and Alexis tells her that Sam’s baby died.  Kristina gets angry with the camera crew and tells them to turn off their cameras. 

Matt leaves Maxie a letter, removes his ring and leaves.  After he’s gone, Maxie wakes and reads the letter, which says that Matt is going to turn himself in and Maxie takes off after him. 

Heather stops by the PCPD to see Luke, but Dante says they aren’t allowed visitors and explains that Luke and Tracy were arrested together.  Heather asks how an arrest can be made without a dead body, which Dante questions.  Heather puts the blame on Tracy, saying she killed Anthony and that Luke is not to blame.  She insists on seeing Luke, but Dante tells her to go home. Matt arrives, and tells Dante that he needs to confess to killing Lisa. 

Olivia shows up at Jake’s asking the bartender if he saw Heather there the night before.  The bartender doesn’t remember her, but says Spinelli spent the night.  Olivia is surprised that Spinelli tied one on, but Spin says the woman he loves married someone else.  Olivia asks if he saw Heather, but he doesn’t remember.  She says she thinks Heather is hiding something and wants Spin to use his PI skills to help her find out what.  

Olivia tells Spinelli she doesn’t trust Heather, that she was lying about coming to the bar and she left Olivia’s car covered in mud.  Olivia wants to be ready for Steve’s mom, just in case.  Heather shows up wondering what they’re talking about and mentions the bartender.  Olivia says the bartender doesn’t seem to remember her and Heather asks if Olivia is calling her a liar. Olivia deflects and Heather leaves.  Spinelli agrees that something is off and he’ll help Olivia figure out what it is.   

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John’s on the phone with the hospital, trying to get information on Sam and the baby.  Anna drops by and he tells her that Sam lost the baby and explains what happened.  He doesn’t understand how the baby died, since he was born with no complications.  Anna tells him not to blame himself.

Anna asks if Sonny sent the goons, but John says it was Jason.  Anna asks if he confronted Jason but John said Jason sent a clear message to stay out of their business and if he had stayed away from Sam none of this would have happened.  Anna says he helped Sam and did all he could and offers to drive him to the hospital to have his injuries checked.   

Dante is surprised at Matt wanting to confess since he just married Maxie to prevent it.  Maxie shows up and says Matt owes her an explanation. Matt says he won’t change his mind now that he’s remembered.  He keeps seeing what happened and hears the wrench in his mind and he can’t live with it. Matt says it goes against everything he is as a doctor.  Maxie wants him to forget and come home. 

Matt says he can’t pretend it didn’t happen, that every day would be a reminder and he can’t live a lie. Maxie says she wants a life with him, for him to finish his research and help people.  Robin wouldn’t want him to throw away his life.  She begs him not to do this, but when Dante returns, Matt says he’s ready to give his statement.

Jason tells Sam that Alexis is on her way, but Sam doesn’t want to see her mother and knows Molly will be upset.  Jason says he has to tell her something, that Carly gave him perspective.  Sam angrily snarls that Jason can talk to Carly about anything and is sure Carly blamed her for something.  Sam doesn’t care what Carly said.  The Davis women show up. 

Steve explains about the potential blood disease which is usually from Italian or Greek ancestry.  Tea says she’s Puerto Rican, but Steve says he can run more tests if they stay in town.  Todd yells out no and Tea points out that her medical issues are not his concern.  Todd says he spoke to her doctor in Llanview and has arranged for a plane to take them home today.  Steve agrees that it’s okay for them to leave and Todd offers to go get the car. 

Jason leaves the Davis coven to talk. Sam explains that the baby was born fine and everything was perfect, until it wasn’t.  Alexis wants to know why John didn’t take Sam to the hospital after the baby was born. Sam says John went to get the car and never came back. 

Todd listens at Sam’s door as she tells her family that she tried the night clerk but he wasn’t there, than tried the phone which wasn’t working. She then tried to flag down a car and ended up at the shed.  Sam says she doesn’t understand why her baby died and Alexis heads out to get answers.

Alexis catches Todd at the door and asks what he’s doing outside Sam’s door.  Todd claims he was just walking down the hall and bumped into Sam’s food cart.  He says he’s here taking someone else home, who’s just had a baby.  

Jason asks how Sam is and Alexis says she’s looking for Dr. Lee to get answers. Jason says he’s sorry that Sam lost her son.  Alexis questions the “her” son and if Jason is truly sorry Sam’s baby didn’t survive.  She knows he wasn’t going to accept Franco’s baby and feels if Jason had been more compassionate towards Sam, maybe she wouldn’t have been in  a motel giving birth and Alexis would have her grandson now.

John runs into Jason at the hospital.  Heather runs into Todd at the hospital and says they need to have a little chat.  Sam comes out of her room and finds Tea and baby there.