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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Mac asks Anna to take his job, because the mayor wants to hire someone else that no one will like.  Anna doesn’t want to take it from Mac, but he says he did his best and it’s time to move on. He says the town needs her. 

John offers his condolences to Jason and asks about Sam.  Jason explains what happened with the shed and how he knew the baby was dead before picking him up. He says Sam said the baby wasn’t hers.  John understands Sam’s rationalization.  He feels he should have tried harder to get her to the hospital before the delivery, but Jason says Sam should have been home with him. The baby would be alive if he’d been born in the hospital.  Jason says he appreciates what John has done, but he’ll take it from here.  Police officers arrive to take Jason to the PCPD. 

Heather wants to chat with Todd, who’s less than enthusiastic.  She tells him not to dismiss her, as she’s done her research and knows exactly who he is.  She points out that Tea will blame him for her baby’s death.  Todd asks if she’s threatening him, but she claims it’s all just conversation.  Todd promises to keep quiet about Anthony, but Heather says she didn’t kill him; she’s just covering for who did.  Heather doesn’t want anyone, especially Olivia, to find out about Anthony and in return she’ll keep Todd’s secret about the baby. 

Tea asks Sam about her baby and Sam admits he didn’t make it.  Tea offers her condolences and mentions her baby not having his father.  She complains that the baby can be fussy and Sam offers to try to pacify him.  Alexis arrives with Kelly and insists Sam get her rest. 

Tracy’s upset with the conditions and the treatment at the PCPD.  Luke warns her to dial it down a notch, since she’s making them look guilty. They need to find out who really killed Anthony.  He tells her to stop talking to the police, since they aren’t her friends. 

Felicia wants to get a petition going to reinstate Mac, but he tells her that Anna took the job and he’s happy about it.  Felicia wants to know what he’ll do now.  He points out that they almost kissed and doesn’t want to miss an opportunity.  Felicia says she’s scared. 

Anna meets with her new police men and informs them that she’s going to be doing things by the book. She plans to build a department the city can trust and be proud of.   She meets with Lacey and admonishes Luke for not calling her.  Luke apologizes for worrying her, but says his one call was to his attorney.  Tracey asks if someone can either call Alexis or the new commissioner.  Anna announces that she’s the new commissioner. 

Kelly tells Sam that they’ve determined the cause of the baby’s death, but something doesn’t add up.  She reminds Sam that they were worried about thalisimia, but it turns out there was no sign of it in the baby.  She does explain that the baby tested positive for haemophilia, which is a blood disorder and wonders if there’s a history in the family.  Sam questions why it wasn’t caught sooner and thinks it’s all a mistake and her baby is still alive. 

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Kelly says babies in utero are tricky and you can easily miss something.  Kelly says the baby died of respiratory failure.  Sam asks if it would have made a difference if she’d been in the hospital. Kelly admits they would have put him on a ventilator but there are still no guarantees. 

Tea says she’ll need to keep an eye on the baby’s condition and is just glad that she didn’t pass on her own condition of haemophilia to the baby, since it can be fatal.  Tea wonders why Todd is in such a hurry to get them back home.  They run into Heather and Tea thanks her for helping with the baby.  Heather says things could get sticky if Todd doesn’t keep his mouth shut.

Tea wonders what that’s about and Heather says she was talking to Todd and he ran off rather rudely.  She says she doesn’t like people knowing her business and worries since Todd runs a newspaper.  Todd swears he’ll respect her privacy. Heather says she’s glad they understand each other. 

Luke wants Anna to drop the charges but Anna says she can’t since she knows Tracy was unhappy in her marriage and tends to turn to Luke.  She won’t tolerate another cover up.  Luke tells her to talk to Johnny. 

Jason is brought into the PCPD and is surprised to see that Anna had him brought in.  Anna tells him she’s the new commissioner. She knows this will make things awkward, since he and Robin were friends, and that she’s grateful to him for that.  But she points out that they are on opposite sides. She can’t look the other way when he has a police officer beaten up.  Anna says she knows what Jason did to John. 

Anna says she knows he was responsible and that it won’t happen again.  She understands the tension between them, because of Sam. If he had confronted John himself that would have been fine, but he dealt with it by sending Sonny’s men to send a message.  Anna says she has a message for Jason. If he does anything, she will investigate it and build a case and prosecute him.  Jason says he understands. 

John stops by to see Sam, so Alexis leaves them to talk.  Sam wants to know why he didn’t come back to get them as promised.  John says he ran into some trouble.  The nurse brings in Sam’s lunch and tells her she needs to take care of herself and so does John.  John leaves and Sam asks the nurse what she meant.  The nurse tells her that John had his ribs taped because he was given a bad beating.   

Alexis tells Luke there is no evidence that Anthony was killed. Lacey are being released, but that if he does show up dead, Luke will be the first one suspected.  Luke thanks Anna for releasing them, but she says she won’t be giving him any special treatment. She begs him not to get arrested in the next 24 hours.  Luke promises to do what he can for her. 

When Jason gets back to Sam’s room, she says she wants to ask him something. However, he says he needs to tell her that he was coming to her to talk and that she was right, he would have loved the baby because he was part of her. 

Heather is gloating that things are too easy and she’s getting away with it all.  She says the baby will have a better life with Tea then with these parents and opens the DNA results which show that Jason is the baby’s father.