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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason tells Sam that he would have loved the baby because he was part of her.  Sam wonders what changed and why he’s telling her now and thinks he’s lying to her.  Jason thinks they’re worth fighting for and that’s what he went to the motel to tell her.

Sam asks if he was actually there to send John a message and explains that she knows he was badly beaten and that’s why he didn’t come back to take her to the hospital, because Jason made sure he couldn’t.  She wants to know if he sent someone or did it himself.  Jason admits he sent two goons because he wanted John out of the way.

Sam says John was so badly beaten that he couldn’t come back for her and the baby and that John was never the problem, Jason was.  She says he couldn’t love her baby, so instead of admitting it, he had John beaten to punish him.  Jason swears he tried to call the hit off, but it was too late.  Sam says it was too late for John and her baby. 

Kristina’s upset that the crew is still filming when her producer Trey shows up.  She tells him she doesn’t want to do the show anymore, but Trey tells her that she can’t back out now.  Family turmoil makes for good TV.  Kris wants the family to grieve the loss of Sam’s baby in private and thought the show would focus on Sonny.  Trey reminds her that her parents humiliated her and she needs to pay them back. 

Spinelli tells Olivia that he has an idea of Heather’s whereabouts the night she took the car, saying her easy pass was scanned on the highway.  Olivia doesn’t’ understand why Heather would be that far out, since the only thing around there is the Rendezvous Motel.  Spin thinks maybe Heather was meeting someone there for her own rendezvous and will continue to investigate. 

Steve catches Heather talking to herself and reminds her that she’s not supposed to be wandering around without a chaperone.  He tells her about Sam losing the baby but Heather tries to spin it that Sam didn’t want Franco’s baby anyway.  Steve says he has rounds, but wants his mother to sit and wait for him and he’ll take her home. 

Alexis wants Matt to be sure he’s doing the right thing, that once he’s signs the confession there’s no going back.  She gives him his phone and tells him to get his affairs in order while she talks to the DA.

Patrick gives Ewen a clean bill of health and discharges him into Liz’ company.  Patrick gets called down to the PCPD and is upset that Matt confessed.  Matt says he’s guilty, that he killed someone, and that he took an oath. Patrick reminds him that Lisa took an oath as well but Matt says he’s trying to do the right thing.  Patrick doesn’t want to lose his brother.  Alexis comes back with word from the DA. 

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Maxie tells her parents that her marriage is over and Mac is surprised but happy that Matt turned himself in.  Maxie wants Mac to get Matt out of it.  She’s happy when Matt and Patrick show up, thinking Matt is free.  Matt says he signed the confession and that he got 5 years and needs to report to Pentonville right away.  He says he came to say goodbye. 

Ewen’s getting dressed ready to leave and almost falls.  Liz catches him.  He admits his legs were wobbly since he’s been in bed so long.  They kiss.  Steven comes in and catches them and he and Liz joke about it before Steve leaves them alone again.  Ewen apologizes for presuming Liz wanted the kiss, but she says he didn’t misread anything.  

Heather tells herself that she was righting a wrong, that Sam threatened to turn Steve against her and needed to learn a lesson.  She remembers hearing the lab tech say the results of the paternity test was in the lab and she let herself in and took them. 

Alexis isn’t happy to be introduced to Trey and wants him off her property.  Trey says the contract Kristina signed is legally binding, allowing them to shoot in her home.  Alexis says Kris doesn’t own the house and had no authority to grant access.  Trey says a judge can decide that and Alexis is happy to take him to court.  Trey says he’ll sue Kristina and accuses Alexis of trying to run her life.

Alexis points out to Kristina that Trey is trying to provoke a fight and take advantage of a personal tragedy.  Trey assures her that they will handle everything with respect and sensitivity, but Alexis says he hasn’t even offered his condolences to her for her lost grandchild.

Alexis asks Kristina to take things out on her and Sonny and not on Sam and not to let them exploit their grief for ratings.  Kristina says she doesn’t want to exploit Sam.  Alexis yells at her that she’s letting a sleazebag manipulate her and to stop acting like a spoiled brat and be smart and think about her family. Kristina says to keep the cameras rolling.     

Jason says he’s sorry, but Sam doesn’t think he is.  She says she had her own questions and doubts.  She was the one raped, pregnant from it and asks if he has any idea how that affected her.  She accuses him of wanting to give the baby up and congratulates him on getting what he wanted. 

Jason says he was there when she lost her daughter and wouldn’t wish that pain on her again. Sam says it hurts just as much because she wanted this baby and he didn’t.  Jason swears he did.  Sam says she doesn’t know what will happen to them because they can’t go back to the way they were before, that what they have is broken.  Jason says he won’t give up on her, but Sam yells at him to get out. He leaves her with the dragon figurine.

Jason runs into Liz and tells her that Sam lost the baby and he lost Sam. 

Maxie begs Patrick to stop Matt, saying the hospital needs him and to tell Matt that he’s just as good as Patrick.  Patrick says Matt is listening to his conscience and he has to respect that choice and not fight it. 

Mac tells Matt that he’s doing the right thing.  Matt tells Maxie that Alexis will handle their annulment since there is no longer a need for them to be married.  Spinelli arrives as Matt is leaving.  Felicia asks about the annulment, but Maxie defiantly says she’ll remain Mrs. Matt Hunter. 

Steven finds Heather waiting for him.  She says she was thinking of Sam and the baby and wants to see her.  Heather tells Sam that she knows what she’s going through. Sam angrily says her baby died and wasn’t sold.  Heather says the baby is in a better place.