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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu’s at the Star and calls Luke. She tells him that someone is interested in the Star and he’s thrilled for her. Tracy shows up and asks Luke if Anthony or his killer have been found. She’s thrilled that they’re no longer suspects. However, Luke’s worried someone is trying to set them up and pin the murder on them. Luke reminds her that she should be in mourning, but Tracy wants to celebrate their liberation.

Johnny gets to the Star, but Lulu’s not interested if he’s looking for trouble. Johnny says he’s looking for Luke. He thinks his grandfather is dead and he overheard Lacey discussing it. Lulu reassures him that Luke didn’t kill Anthony, but backs off when Johnny questions her. She claims her father isn’t a murderer.

Michael finds Starr crying on the docks. She explains about Tea’s baby. She shares how it brings up memories of Hope and that it hurts. Michael assures her that someday she won’t be crying about it anymore and things will work out. Starr tells him about her talk with Todd and that Sonny was protecting Kate who has DID.

Ewen pays Kate a visit and she apologizes for Connie’s behavior, but he says she wasn’t responsible for what Connie did. He wants to find the cause of why Kate has created the personalities. However, Kate’s more upset about what Connie did that was worst and explains about the car accident.

Carly goes to Jason’s and is shocked when he tells her what happened to Sam and that the baby died. Carly says they need to help each other, but Jason says Sam blames him. He explains about the guys beating up John and Sam wandering off looking for help. Carly says it wasn’t his fault, but Jason claims that Sam thinks it was.

Liz brings Sam flowers from her sisters and offers her condolences. She asks if there’s anything she can do. Sam asks if Liz can bring back her baby and keep him alive. Liz says she understands, since that’s the one thing people asked after Jake died as well. Liz says she saw Jason and that he’s pretty upset as well. She says they shouldn’t go through this alone, which angers Sam.

Liz apologizes for upsetting Sam. She says Jason just wants to be with her to mourn with her and that he seemed genuine. Sam says she begged him to try and be a family.  She was the one who was raped. She needed Jason’s love from the start. Sam says she has to tiptoe around Jason’s feelings. She can’t express how scared, how hurt she was when he looked at them and saw Franco. Liz says it’s not how Jason feels anymore and she believes him. Sam says she doesn’t.

Sam says it’s Jason’s fault, that if John had come back, doctors could have helped the baby. Liz says there’s no way to know that for sure. Sam incredulously asks if Liz is defending Jason, since nothing is ever Jason’s fault. Liz says Jason is a mess right now, but Sam is determined to believe that the baby died because of Jason. She tells Liz to go dry Jason’s tears, to make sure everything is ok. She tells Liz that Jason is all hers and that it’s over.

Liz swears she and Jason are just friends, that he loves Sam. She says Jason is not perfect that he’s made mistakes and wonders if it’s over, why Sam is still holding onto the dragon figurine.

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Johnny tells Lulu that he’s the one who wants to buy the Star, but she points out that the last time he was using it to launder money. Johnny says that was all Anthony’s doing. She points out that he owns Vonn’s. Johnny says he got rid of it. He’s done objectifying women, since Carly took him back.

Lulu is shocked that Carly would forgive Johnny for cheating. She figures he has a lot to make up for. Lulu admits that Johnny seems different now that he’s out from under his grandfather. Johnny says he has an idea for legitimate club. Lulu admits she’s been thinking of something similar. Johnny says he has the money and they can go in together. Lulu says she already has a job, but Johnny thinks she wants more out of life. Lulu agrees to the deal, but only if it’s not a scam. Johnny swears it’s above board and they are now partners.

Carly says Jason made many mistakes, but that he isn’t responsible. Jason feels Sam won’t forgive him, something Carly is sure she will. Carly is sure they can work this out and that he needs to make it up to Sam. Jason says Sam won’t listen, but Carly yells at him to keep talking to her until she does.

Carly tells Jason that she and Johnny are back together, which is fine with Jason but he warns that Johnny better treat her right this time. Carly says Sam needs him whether she admits or not.

Kate explains that Connie told Sonny she was responsible, but Ewen doesn’t buy it and thinks Connie could have lied. Kate doesn’t understand why Connie would say she did if she didn’t. Kate agrees to more treatment and jokes that she doesn’t even know what day it is anymore. Ewen tells her that it’s June 12th and she freaks out.

Tracy and Luke are enjoying ribs. Tracy declares a new lease on life. Luke gets sauce on his face, so she wipes it off and then kisses him. He wonders where that came from. She says she liked it the last time and wanted to do it again. Tracy says Luke isn’t always a horrible person, he’s capable of being generous and kind and always helps her. Luke says he cares for her. Tracy says she wants him back.

Luke is surprised and doesn’t think it would look right if they got together so soon after Anthony’s death. Tracy assures him they could be discreet and tells him to move out from Anna’s. She asks if Luke isn’t interested in her. Luke says he is, but doesn’t want to jump the gun and needs time to process. Tracy kisses him again, as Lulu shows up and sees it.

Starr explains to Michael that DID is a coping mechanism. She saw Kate and that it was easier to hate Sonny, but she doesn’t hate Kate. She feels she owes both Sonny and Michael an apology. She was wrong to accuse Sonny. Michael says he was wrong about Johnny. Starr says she hasn’t heard from Johnny about the recording contract. She asks Michael to put everything behind them and be friends, which he agrees to. Starr gets a call from Johnny to meet her.

Johnny tells Starr that this is their new club, for her recording and possible performing. Starr likes it.

Jason gets to the hospital in time for Liz to tell him that Sam has checked herself out.

Kate tells Ewen that she’s late and might be pregnant.