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Dallas is The Year's Top Cable Debut!


The Southfork shall rise again! TNT's soapgasmic premiere of Dallas on Wednesday night was watched by 6.9 million viewers, making it the No.1 scripted series premiere on all of cable for the year-to-date.

The latest chapter of David Jacobs' classic, CBS sudser—developed for TNT by Cynthia Cidre—hit a 3.7 in households, and was watched by over 1.9 million in Mad Ave's beloved 18-49 demo. Dallas also bested its timeslot competitors on the Big Four broadcast networks. Yep, soap fans, we have ourselves a Texas-size hit!

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know I enjoyed last night's two-hour premiere of Dallas almost as much as J.R. (the still incorrigible Larry Hagman) once loved tossing back booze in Miss Ellie's (Barbara Bel Geddes) parlor room. Speaking of Miss Ellie, the late, great Southworth-Ewing matriarch's spirit was alive and well during the first two installments of the new Dallas, as good son Bobby's (Patrick Dufffy) vow to his mama to keep Southfork land from being drilled on proved just as integral to the 2012 sudser's storylines, as it had during the series' original 1978-91 run.

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Unfortunately for Bobby, his nephew John Ross (breakout star Josh Henderson) is just as hellbent on extracting crude from that sacred ranchland as his daddy and granddaddy were before him! John Ross finds a worthy rival in cousin Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), an earnest, do-gooder like his adopted pop. Chris believes "oil is the past," and wants to put the Ewings back on top via green energy development. Christopher's talk of harvesting methane from the ocean floor almost caused me to break out a copy of Chemistry For Dummies.

The new Dallas wasn't all boardrooms, however. The Ewing boys' bedrooms saw plenty of action, as John Ross was busy nailing Christopher's old flame Elena Ramos (Jordanna Brewster)—as well as a curvy, schemer helping him con his uncle and daddy—while Chris grinded and thrusted (in tight, black boxer briefs) on top of sexy, mysterious new bride Rebecca Sutter (Julie Gonzalo) on their wedding night. 

In addition to Hagman and Duffy, original Dallas star Linda Gray appeared as a now powerful Sue Ellen Ewing, J.R.'s formerly drunken two-time wife, while Desperate Housewives alum Brenda Strong starred as Ann, the shotgun-toting, latest wife of Bobby. Did anyone else get tickled when J.R. informed Ann how much better he liked her over the first Mrs. Bobby Ewing?

Classic Dallas characters Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly) and Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) were also on hand, and J.R.'s arch nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) returns on June 20, making Dallas a true treat for fans old and new. All in all, the next eight weeks should be one helluva good time in Braddock County!

But enough of what I thought about the show. What did you guys think of the new Dallas? Sound off in the comments!

  Photo credit: TNT