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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd’s back in town and hanging out at the hotel with Carly.  She praises him for helping Tea and her baby. She says she understands about loss, explaining about her friend losing her baby.  She feels JaSam could have worked things out and been happy had the baby not died.  Carly wonders why Todd came back. He says he’s not popular in Llanview and he wants to be close to Starr.  Todd feels he has to protect Starr, but Carly warns him that it’s a fine line between protection and controlling. 

Liz and Jason are at Jake’s. He wishes he could help Sam because she blames him for what he did to John.  Liz feels Jason wasn’t responsible for the baby’s death. He had respiratory failure and there’s no way to know if the hospital could have saved him.  Jason admits he thought getting John out of the way would solve his problems.  Liz points out that he wasn’t thinking straight, like Sam when she watched Jake get kidnapped and said nothing.  Jason says Sam regrets that. Liz says he’ll regret this. Liz tells Jason that Sam told her they were over and he was all hers, but that Sam isn’t thinking clearly right now. 

John is surprised to see Sam released and back at the motel.  She says there’s nothing physically wrong with her. She asks about his ribs, saying she knows what Jason did to him.  John doesn’t care whose fault it was, but Sam does. She says she’ll never forgive Jason for it. 

Johnny explains to Starr that he’s co-owner of the boat and wants a fresh start.  Starr says she knows who killed her family and that she wanted to hate that person, but couldn’t.  She wants something new to focus on and is happy that Johnny is helping her.  Starr says she wrote a song. Johnny lets her sing it and is quite jazzed by it.  Johnny says he’s ready to start recording and he’s helping her to redeem himself from the bad things he’s done. 

Michael tells Sonny that he knows the truth about Kate and that Starr needed to know the truth.  He says Starr regrets what she did and asked for forgiveness, which Michael is willing to do.  Sonny says he doesn’t usually forgive, but he saw Starr’s pain. It reminded him of Kate and he’s glad she’s getting the help she needs.  Michael says he owes Johnny an apology, but Sonny accuses Johnny of taking advantage of Kate. 

Kate freaks out that she thinks she’s pregnant.  She doesn’t know if Sonny or Johnny is the father and if she or Connie is the mother. She then thinks it through and realizes she and Sonny used protection which means it must have been Johnny.  Ewen tells her not to panic and to take a pregnancy test. 

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Todd says he’s worried about Starr working with Johnny. He is surprised to hear that Carly took him back.  Carly defends Johnny saying he’s sorry and that his contract with Starr is legit and that Johnny wouldn’t hurt Starr.  Todd thinks Starr can do better, but Carly says Johnny is being truthful now. 

Michael says Kate never meant to cause the accident. Sonny understands that the alters are a way to protect herself against trauma that he thinks he caused.  Sonny says Connie emerged after Kate was shot on their wedding day, because he’s sure there was no childhood trauma.  He remembers that Kate was 17 the last time he saw her, before she stood him up on the corner. 

Carly meets Johnny at the Star and he explains that he’s the new co-owner.  He says he doesn’t own Vonn’s anymore. He’s starting new and he’s turning it into a nightclub.  Carly understands that it’s connected to Starr and her singing. She warns him that Todd thinks he’s taking advantage of his daughter.  Johnny says he was scared of the man he became and hurt so many people that he doesn’t want to be that guy anymore. 

Sam says she needs to thank John for everything he did for her. She can’t stop thinking about her baby and now he’s gone.  John tells her he’s leaving, saying he came for a reason. He explains about his sister and her connection to Sonny.  He says his warrant has expired and it’s time to go home.  Sam says she’s checking out too, to stay with Alexis.  John wishes her happiness.  They hug before he leaves.  Sam leaves the dragon figurine behind.

Jason asks about Ewen and Liz says he’s been released and their going on a date.  She says she likes him, that he’s nice and thoughtful and kind.  Jason warns that Ewen better treat her properly or he’ll answer to Jason.  He hopes Ewen is right for her because Liz deserves to be happy. They hug before she leaves.  Jason leaves his figurine behind.    

Starr finds Todd at the hotel.  She tells him she saw Kate and felt sorry for her.  She’s glad he’s here, but wonders why he’s in town.  Todd says he’s thinking of moving to Port Charles and jokes of becoming a rock star.  Starr admits that Johnny is helping her and she’s happy.  She wonders what Todd’s really going to do, and he points to his newspaper where’s written in SUN. 

Kate takes the test and gets upset that it’s a plus sign which means pregnancy.  Ewen looks at the test and says it’s negative. He wonders why Kate would say she’s pregnant when she isn’t.  Kate cries that it’s the worst thing to ever happen, because she’s only 17.  Ewen’s confused and questions her. She’s says she’s not Kate, she’s Connie. She cries out, wondering how can she tell her boyfriend Sonny that she’s pregnant. 

John shows up at Sonny and tells him they need to talk about his sister Teresa.