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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ewen tries to understand Kate’s ramblings. He begs her to go back to that day and explain everything.  He thinks Connie was afraid of Sonny’s reaction, but Kate admits that Sonny wasn’t the baby’s father. 

John tells Sonny that his federal warrant has expired, but he wants Sonny to pay for his sister’s death.  Sonny decides to explain what really happened and starts with the day Kate left him on the corner which prompted him to work for Joe Scully.  It turns out Joe had a son, a bully. Sonny’s job was to clean up his messes until dad sent Junior to Atlantic City.  Junior got the hots for Teresa, but when she didn’t return the feelings. Junior shot her dead. 

Dante gets home from work, curious how Lulu spent her day.  She says Johnny made an offer on the Star, to turn it into a nightclub and she’s his partner.  Dante’s not happy with this. He fears Johnny will turn it into something illegal.

Carly’s thrilled with Johnny’s new business venture, until she’s hears he’s partnering up with Lulu.  She decides she’s going to trust him and Johnny reassures her that he loves her and he’s lucky to have her back.  When she goes off to make a call, Johnny’s hears Anthony’s voice berating him. Johnny yells to shut up.  Carly wonders who he’s talking to. Johnny admits his grandfather. 

Anna comes home from her first day on the job, exhausted. She complains to Luke about how she had a run in with the mayor regarding her possible relationship with him.  Luke tells her about Tracy’s kiss. Anna says she thought they were over.  Luke says Tracy wants him back.

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Tracy tells Alice that she and Luke have settled their differences and she wants him back.  Alice gets excited at the thought of Luke moving back in. However, Tracy says they have to be discreet because of Anthony’s disappearance.  Tracy says Luke can be a jerk, but he can also be sweet. He knows how to make her feel good.  Alice is sure that it’s only a matter of time before Lacey are back together. 

Kate says Joe Jr. hated Sonny.  One night he showed up at her house while Sonny was working.  Kate re-enacts that Junior raped her and cries that she was a virgin. She and Sonny were waiting.  Ewen says it was brutal, but it’s over. Junior can’t hurt her anymore.  Kate says she couldn’t tell Sonny the truth, because he would have killed Junior. Scully would have killed him. She did what she had to and left Sonny on the street corner. 

Sonny says he kept his mouth shut and John is angry that he would protect a killer.  Sonny says Scully made it all go away and sent Junior away.  John wants to know where.  Sonny’s not sure, although he heard rumors of the south, possibly New Orleans.  John says he’s going to check this out.  Sonny offers his condolences for his sister. 

Luke says he and Tracy can’t do anything while under the cloud of suspicion, but Anna asks if it wasn’t for Anthony what would he tell Tracy.  She asks if Luke wants Tracy back.   Later on, the two are enjoying a meal, joking around.  Luke comes around to give Anna a massage.  She thanks him and they kiss.

Dante thinks that because of Sonny’s allegiance to Luke, Johnny can run any scam he wants out of the Star, against Sonny, without fear of repercussion.  Lulu reassures him that the club will be legitimate. However, Dante is angry that she would go into business with a mobster.  She wonders if it has more to do with Johnny being her ex.  Dante says Johnny has changed.  He doesn’t make the right choices. Lulu thinks Johnny has changed and wants a new life and a fresh start. 

Dante asks about her job at the PCPD. Lulu admits that it’s rather dull and she wants more. She’s not quitting, she’ll just do both for awhile.  Dante’s angry that she would spend her nights at the club with Johnny and not with him.  Lulu is sure they can work things out and knows she should have consulted him before making such a huge decision.  She says this isn’t about them, but Dante angrily storms off.

Johnny tells Carly that Anthony is in his head, telling him he’s a fool for starting a new venture or getting back with her.  Carly says his grandfather gave him nothing but pain and no longer has power over him. 

Kate decides she doesn’t want to tell the story anymore, because she needs to rest. She lies down on her bed.  Ewen wants to know what happened next, what happened to the baby.