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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny tells John to go back to Llanview now, since he had nothing to do with Teresa’s death. Kristina, Trey and the crew show up as John’s leaving, wanting to film there. Sonny wants no part of the show. He  isn’t happy to be introduced to Trey. Sonny drags Trey into the living room to threaten him.

Kristina bangs on the door as Sonny warns Trey that the filming is over. If Trey pushes him, he’ll end up in pieces on the floor. Trey says if Sonny kicks him out, Kristina will cut all ties to her father. Sonny lets the crew in and offers everyone cookies. Sonny gushes about how wonderful and intelligent Kristina is. She wonders when he suddenly decided to care.

Ewen’s desperate to find out what happened to the baby, so Kate continues her story. She went to her priest who told her it was a sin to abort the baby, even if it was a product of rape. She couldn’t tell Sonny the truth, because he’d retaliate. She begs God’s forgiveness. Ewen asks why she needs it. Kate says she told her parents she had to start school early, left and went to a boarding school until the baby was born.

Johnny calls Lulu, looking for the key to the back room. She tells him about Dante being angry with their new venture. He asks if she wants out. Lulu wants to be a part of the nightclub.

Anna stops the kissing and immediately declares that she has work to do and heads to her room. Luke heads over to Lulu’s, to tell her about his relationship complications. She tells him about being half owner of the Star and Dante being angry about it. Luke says he understands how Dante feels, but Lulu claims he’s always telling her to trust her instincts. She asks about him kissing Tracy. Luke admits that he just kissed Anna.

Lulu says she thought they were just friends and that he was helping Anna after Robin died. Luke says he’s confused. Anna has helped him too, especially when Ronnie had Lulu. It isn’t really easy with Anna. Lulu asks if it’s the same with Tracy. Luke says Tracy wants him back, but that they shouldn’t until the cloud of Anthony is over. Lulu wonders if Luke really thinks it’s too soon with Tracy or if he really wants to be with Anna.

Lulu wonders if it’s a good idea for Luke to get involved with Anna, considering she’s the new commissioner. He asks what’s so special about her. Luke says Anna is smart. Lulu reminds him that he hasn’t told her the truth about Anthony or Ethan not being Robert’s son. Luke agrees that it’s a terrible idea for them to get involved.

John stops by Anna’s to say goodbye. He got answers, but they weren’t the ones he was looking for. He tells her what Sonny told him. Anna wonders if Sonny is telling the truth. John believes that he is. John’s angry that he’s been chasing the wrong guy all these years. Anna says he did the best he could. John thanks her for being the voice of reason. Anna says she doesn’t follow it herself, having kissed Luke.

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Anna swears she and Luke are just platonic friends. However, John is incredulous. He asks what happened after. Anna says she ran and hid in her room and calls herself a coward. She doesn’t know how she’ll face him. John wonders what the problem is. Anna says she’s not the only woman Luke kissed today and explains about Tracy.

John says Tracy scares him. He asks what Anna wants. Anna says her job is hard enough without the complications of getting involved with Luke, who’s also her ex’s best friend. John hugs Anna goodbye. Luke arrives as John is leaving.

Dante stops by the Star to see Johnny. Johnny swears the venture is legit. However, Dante doesn’t want Lulu involved. He doesn’t want her caught in the middle, when he arrests Johnny for murdering his grandfather. Johnny says to knock on Tracy’s door for that. He didn’t cause the accident. Dante says Sonny is innocent, but Johnny says Kate isn’t. Dante’s surprised to hear Johnny point the finger at Kate. He says there is no evidence. Johnny reminds him that Kate attacked Ewen. He knows Kate confessed to her lawyer and Sonny is keeping it quiet. Before Dante leaves, he warns Johnny that he’ll be watching him. If Johnny takes one misstep, Dante will take him down.

Ewen asks Kate if she had the baby and what she did with him. Kate said she got rid of him and explains that she was in labor for hours. She gave birth alone in the boarding house and felt nothing when she saw him. Kate was angry that the baby was a reminder of what happened to her and what she’d lost. She left him behind and never went back. It was like he never existed. Ewen realizes that at that moment Connie ceased to exist as well.

Kate says she left, became Kate Howard and went to Princeton. It was like it never happened and she just forgot. Ewen says she knows the truth now and she can begin to heal, because it means Connie is gone. She doesn’t need to live two separate lives. Kate agrees, but realizes she needs to live with what Connie did.

Trey wants Sonny to explain what he did to get Kristina into Yale. Sonny says he thought she was waitlisted because of him and he made some calls. He claims he didn’t bully her in or threaten anyone. He made a contribution to the library fund. Sonny says he would do anything for his kids and that he did nothing illegal.

Trey asks who John was. Sonny explains and says he was giving John information on his case. Trey asks about Kate, who was charged with assault and is in a mental institute. Sonny cuts things short for the day.

Trey and the crew leave. Kristina warns Sonny that playing nice won’t make her call the whole thing off. Sonny says he sees himself in her, more than his other kids and that she ends up hurting herself. He tells her that she’s making a mistake if she believes Trey cares about her.

Anna says it was a mistake to get involved and she doesn’t want things to be awkward. Luke agrees, saying he wants them to just be friends. Then they grab each other and start kissing again.

Dante gets home and tells Lulu that he went to see Johnny. He says he doesn’t trust him, but that he trusts Lulu and respects her decision to work together, even if he doesn’t like it. He apologizes for walking out on her earlier. Lulu apologizes for not consulting him before making such a big decision, since they’re in this together.

Kate says she left her baby to die and wonders what that makes her.