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How The Complete and Utter Destruction of Sharon Newman Parallels MAB's Dismantling of The Young and the Restless

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For a few months now, viewers of The Young and the Restless have been subjected to the once popular and beloved character of Sharon Collins Newman (Sharon Case) having decided to delve into an icky romance with her former father-in-law, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Fans have been none too amused over Sharon making this skeevy choice — to plunge head first into a relationship with a man she once considered a father figure. The plot twist has been all the more maddening, following years of Sharon's character being utterly assassinated, via one ill-conceived storyline and/or romance after another.  

Some may say, "It's a soap opera," or "This creates great drama and conflict," but in my opinion, this was one line that didn't need to be crossed with these particular characters on this soap opera. Soap vixens sleeping their way through families is certainly nothing new for daytime or primetime soaps. Guiding Light's Reva Shayne, The Bold and the Beautiful's Brooke Logan and Dynasty's Fallon Carrington all had near incestuous parings. However, the key word in the above sentence was "vixens". Sharon isn't a vixen; she's the show's heroine, not some hellcat in heat. She's also supposedly the love of both of Victor's sons, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Adam's (Michael Muhney), lives.

Viewers were able to suspend their disbelief when Sharon fell for Nick's vile-yet-alluring, younger brother—and continued to be drawn to him even after learning he'd switched her baby at birth—due to the enormous chemistry the actors shared. Also, brothers being torn apart over the same lover isn't nearly as unseemly as a woman suddenly deciding to go to bed with her children's 70-something grandfather.

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Why, instead of continuing to capitalize on Shadam's forbidden love affair, or the highly debatable Phick vs. Shick saga, did TPTB opt to have Sharon pursue Victor? For the life of me, I can't understand how anyone believed this would make for good soap opera.

We've read countless interviews where Y&R's showrunner, Maria Arena Bell, pledges to make Sharon into a "strong woman". Forgive me, but what's been done to this character under MAB doesn't bring to mind Kelly Clarkson's "Miss. Independent".

Has transforming Sharon into a promiscuous, recovering kleptomanic, who never considers what her sexual choices will mean for her children, really made her stronger in MAB's eyes? I'm starting to see a parallel between what has been done to this character and the dismantling of The Young and the Restless as a whole during this current regime's tenure. I guess my question is, can anything be done to fix either at this point?