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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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The Davis coven holds a memorial service for the baby.  Kristina snarks about Jason’s absence, but Alexis warns her not to mention him again because they need to help Sam through this.  Molly wishes she could do more, but Sam appreciates everything she’s done.  Sam cries and apologizes for not being stronger. Alexis assures her that she’s handling it as best she can.  Sam says she feels like she’s falling apart and that with her daughter she never saw her. However, her son was so beautiful and she doesn’t know how she’ll get through this.  Alexis hugs her. 

Alexis says there is no timeline to grief, but to be patient and it will be okay.  Sam says everything inside her says the baby isn’t dead and that none of it makes sense.  She says he was beautiful. Alexis says to remember him that way. 

Carly and Todd discuss the new Sun newspaper that Todd bought.  He mentions all the holdings that came with it, including Crimson. He says Kate sold her controlling interests a few years ago and he now owns the whole thing.  Carly’s shocked that he’s making serious commitments in town.  He asks her opinion of the paper. Carly is saddened when she sees an article about Sam losing her baby.  Carly says she feels bad for Sam, that it doesn’t make sense.  Todd says no one should lose a child and feels sorry for Sam’s suffering.  

Spinelli tells Olivia that he’s retracing Heather’s steps from the night of the storm and he’ll let her know what he finds.  He runs into the highway patrolman who stopped Heather that night. He explains that he’s a PI, looking into a woman. He shows the cop Heather’s picture.  The cop says the woman was travelling with her husband, a white haired drunk man.   

Heather overhears Olivia say “nut job” while talking to Spinelli on the phone and demands to know who she’s referring to.  Olivia deflects and Heather says she’s looking for a job so she can move forward.  She points to The Sun and says she’s thinking of something like that. However, Olivia doesn’t think Todd Manning is the type of guy to hire someone without experience. Heather says she can be very persuasive.  Spinelli shows up and tells Olivia that he has news about Heather and a “husband”.

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Anna wakes up from her night with Luke and both wonder if it was a mistake.  Luke admits that it was enjoyable, but Anna feels it will put their friendship and her job at risk.  She asks him about his feelings for Tracy, but Luke deflects the question.

Jason runs into Michael at the Q mansion. He is surprised to hear about the funeral for the baby.  He explains to Michael how he’s responsible for the baby’s death, even though Michael assures him that the baby could have died even if he’d gotten to the hospital in time.  Jason says Sam will never forgive him for wanting the baby gone. He mentions thinking about Franco and asking Sam to give it up for adoption.  Jason says Sam won’t forgive him, that she’s lost too much.  Michael says he’s lost the baby too, but Jason feels it would hurt too much for Sam to see him. 

Tracy gets into Luke’s hotel room and is shocked to find Anna in his bed.  Anna covers and says she and Luke switched rooms, but that Luke left an hour ago.  Tracy says she needs to talk to Anna about Luke. She’s taking him off of Anna’s hands, that they’re getting back together, once the police stuff is no longer an issue.  Tracy says they had nothing to do with Anthony’s disappearance, despite the evidence against them. 

Luke overhears, as Anna reminds her that Tracy and Anthony are still married. Tracy says in name only, that they are separated.  She wants Anna to move out, since it doesn’t look right for her to be shacked up with a former suspect.  After Tracy’s leaves, Anna tells Luke that this shouldn’t happen again. 

Spinelli shows up at the memorial and offers Sam his condolences. He knows there is no way to make it right, but tells her he loves her and they hug.  Michael shows up, but Kristina warns him that Sam may not want to see him because of Jason. Sam calls out to him. Michael offers his condolences and a hug.  Carly shows up and offers her condolences, a hug and spots Todd lurking outside the gates.  Carly catches up with Todd back at the hotel. She tells him she saw him at the cemetery and that he has a bigger heart than they thought. 

The Davis women leave, but Sam asks to stay awhile longer and sits there by herself until Jason shows up. 

Todd is surprised to find Heather waiting for him in his room.