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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd’s angry that Heather broke into his room. He warns that he’s really good at violence, if someone messes with him. Heather tells him she’s just there for business. He’ll have a long fall if poor Sam finds out the truth. Todd says she can call the cops, but won’t because she killed Anthony. Heather denies killing Anthony, just disposing of him to help someone she loves.

Heather warns Todd he has more to lose if Tea finds out the truth. Todd says he was upset, traumatized and wouldn’t have done what he did if Heather hadn’t convinced him Sam didn’t want her baby. She said Sam and Jason were estranged. Heather says not to blame his moral lapse on her.

Anna says Tracy thinks she and Luke are getting back together, despite Luke’s assertions to the contrary. Luke likes having them as roommates. They seem to have is something, but he didn’t plan on falling for her. Anna says Luke has spent too many years on the wrong side of the law. Luke reminds her that she did briefly as well. She points out that he’s Robert’s best friend. Luke wonders if she still has feelings for Robert.

Johnny’s listening to Starr sing. When she’s done, she reminds him they need to get her father on board their new venture. Starr says not to worry, her father only goes after people who have hurt her. She says her father can be impulsive and has no sense of right or wrong. She needs to guide him. Starr says Todd is putting down roots and wants her to move in with him, but she’s determined to go it alone.

Spinelli tells Olivia what the patrolman told him. He wonders if Heather got married in secret. Olivia doesn’t believe it and  goes through the possible suspects, ending up with Luke. Spin decides he’ll question Luke.

Maxie tells Lulu she’s looking for a new roommate. Lulu is surprised to hear she’s planning on staying married to Matt. Maxie feels she needs to support her husband. He wouldn’t be in prison if it wasn’t for Spinelli. Lulu wonders if Maxie wants to support Matt or punish Spin. Maxie deflects, asking how Dante feels about Lulu working with Johnny. Lulu says she and Johnny are just partners. Maxie warns that it will lead to something more.

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Michael and Kristina meet outside Kelly’s. They talk about Sam and the baby. Trey shows up and Kris makes the introductions. Trey wants Michael to sign a release to appear on the show, something Michael has no interest in doing. After Trey leaves, Michael wonders if Kris is doing the show to get back at Sonny. Kristina says she wants to expose her parents as hypocrites and wants to take control of her life. She claims Trey is a visionary. Michael realizes she has feelings for him. Kristina asks about Starr. Michael defends her and Kris realizes he has feelings for her.

Jason says he didn’t think Sam would want him at the service, but he wanted to be there for her. Sam says the baby is buried next to her daughter. He wonders if things would have been different if he’d come to his senses sooner. Sam says she plays the what if game all the time, wondering if she’d never paid a visit to heather, her baby would be alive. Sam admits she wasn’t sure if she could make it to the funeral, but decided the baby deserved to be honored. Jason wants to help her through this and wonders if she’ll let him. He says he’s still her husband and wants her to come home with him. She questions coming home like nothing happened and he wants them to move on together.

Trey shows up at Maxie’s as Lulu is leaving, wanting to rent the room. Starr shows up right behind him, looking to do the same. Trey says he was there first and the place is his. Starr says Maxie should decide. They continue to argue, which makes Maxie remember a time when she was happy with Spinelli. Maxie decides that the place has too many memories and that she should probably live at Matt’s anyway. She tells them they both can have the place.

Trey calls Kristina to come over and check it out. When she and Michael show up, she asks if Trey will be living with Maxie. Trey points to Starr and says he’s living with her.

Todd wonders if the man Heather loves is the one who killed Anthony. She says Luke’s ex wife made him do it, but that she’s ready to start her life with him and needs a job. Todd asks if she’ll leave him alone if he gives her a job. He asks what she’s good at. Heather offers to be a style editor, but Todd tells her to think about it and get back to him. She asks for an advance on her salary. He gives her the money to get rid of her.

Lulu stops by the Star. Johnny asks about Dante’s issues. Lulu swears he’ll be fine with them working together. Lulu says Maxie warned her, but that it won’t hurt her marriage. Maxie’s simply projecting her own issues of being married to one man while in love with another.

Jason wonders if Sam can get past it all and she says she can’t, and runs off.

Anna says she no longer has feelings for Robert, but they share a connection because of Robin. Luke says things are complicated, but wants to give them a chance, as does Anna. She appreciates everything he’s done for her since Robin’s death. Luke says he doesn’t know where things will go between them, but to give it time and see.

Anna says Tracy thinks they’re getting back together and that he needs to be honest with her. Luke knows he needs to talk to Tracy. Anna says she’ll understand if he changes his mind about them. They make plans to meet for dinner and Heather sees them kiss.