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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie’s still angry with Spinelli for ratting out Matt and sending him to prison.  Spinelli claims he did it for her. She’d still be in prison if he hadn’t.   She says she’s decided to stand by her man. She will wait as long as it takes, something that Spin isn’t happy with.  Maxie wonders what he wants from her. Spin wants a thank you, for getting her out of prison and for the years of patience on his part.  He accuses her of not being grateful to him for everything he’s done for her. Maxie says she never asked for his help.  Spin reminds her that she turned to Anthony, who caused an innocent’s death. Her actions affect other people and that he’s tired of cleaning up after her messes.  Spinelli declares that he’s done with her and to go waste her life. 

Sonny meets with Kate, who tells him she’s remembered something. She didn’t leave him on the street corner because she didn’t love him, but because she was pregnant.  Sonny asks if she was seeing someone else. Kate says she was raped by Joe Junior.  Sonny’s angry that she didn’t tell him, but Kate says he would have killed Junior and she was ashamed.  They hug. 

Starr explains to Michael and Kristina that both she and Trey answered the same ad. Maxie decided to move out, leaving them with the apartment.  Michael introduces Kris and Starr. Kristina’s not happy to meet the girl who tried to kill her father.  Starr says she was grieving, but Kristina feels she was using Michael. Trey is introduced. Starr is surprised to hear that Sonny would agree to a reality show. Michael feels they’re all being manipulated. 

Mac runs into Patrick and Emma at the park.  Patrick says he’s happy to be back at work and feels bad for Mac’s loss of a job. Mac wants to discuss Felicia and his possible feelings for her.  He explains the almost kiss that Spin interrupted. He wonders if he and Felicia should just stay friends.  Mac says Felicia left him many times, but Patrick claims people make mistakes and he should forgive her. 

Meanwhile, Felicia shows up looking for advice from Anna about Mac. She explains about the almost kiss and wonders if they should stay friends.   Anna says she’s the wrong person to ask for advice, since she just slept with Luke and they want to explore the possibilities.  Anna’s hearing the alarm bells, but wants to ignore them.  Anna says to take a leap of faith, but Felicia’s worried about the fall.    

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Heather follows Luke to the Star and listens as he explains his love life to Lulu.  He tells her he and Anna ended up in bed, which Lulu still thinks is a mistake.  Luke swears that it’s not just about the physical. They both decided they might want to pursue something more.  Lulu reminds him that Tracy exists and what is he going to do about her. 

Lulu points out that Tracy wants Luke back and that he has to tell her about him and Anna, which Luke promises to do.  Lulu says to be honest with Tracy. She says he needs to be honest with Anna about Anthony and Ethan not being Robert’s son.  Luke realizes all of that could end things before they even start.  Lulu says to put all his cards on the table, because it will be the only chance for him and Anna.     

Mac runs into Spinelli, who explains his fight with Maxie.  Mac assures him that Maxie will come around, but Spinelli doesn’t really want her to.   Mac says he understands that no one likes to be taken for granted. He asks if Spin is done with Maxie.  Spin wonders how many times he can accept unkindness before letting go for good.  Mac says to accept Maxie with her faults and take the good with the bad.  Mac asks if Spin loves her but Spin says he can’t go back to that pain.

Maxie runs into Patrick at the park and explains about her fight with Spin.  She says she’s waiting for Matt, even though Patrick tells her it’s okay if she’s having second thoughts about the marriage.  She talks of moving into Matt’s apartment. However, Patrick says he got rid of it already.  He asks about her place, but she says she needs a fresh start.  Maxie wonders about moving back in with Mac. She realizes that she’ll put a crimp in his new relationship with Felicia and declares she is homeless.  Patrick offers his home, which Maxie declines. Emma wants it as well, so Maxie accepts. 

Kate explains to Sonny that her priest essentially ordered her to have the baby. She had him alone and when she saw him, she felt bitter and resentful and left him and everything behind.  She claims she had no recollection of the baby or the rape until now.  He asks if Kate knows what happened to the baby, but Kate doesn’t think he survived.

Sonny asks if this means Connie is gone. However, Ewen says Kate and Connie will integrate and she’ll regain all of Connie’s memories.  Sonny asks if Kate remembers the accident and shooting out the tires. 

Michael wants Trey to tell Kristina that he’s playing her. He won’t watch Trey exploit his sister.  Kris takes Trey out into the hall and says Starr is too unstable to live with. However, Trey assures her that he can handle himself.  Inside, Michael warns Starr against moving in with Trey. He wonders what will happen when Trey finds out the truth about Kate. 

Felicia meets up with Mac, who says getting back together could be a very good or a very bad idea.  She asks what he’s decided and Mac kisses her.  He asks what she’s decided and Felicia kisses him. 

Luke calls Tracy and asks to meet so they can talk.  When he turns around, there’s Heather.