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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Is Daisy FINALLY Gone For GOOD?

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Daisy: The milquetoast villainess contacts Michael and wants him to meet her in an alley, but when he arrives she isn't there. Michael comes across Daisy's bloody scarf. Did someone do us all a favor and off this hot mess? Word spreads about Daisy's disappearance, which makes both Daniel and Phyllis wonder if the other finally got rid of the wench permanently. Things don't look good for Phyllis, when Avery and Heather start to question why she made the choice to drop the charges against Daisy.

Anita: She hits Genoa City and breaks some stunning news.

Daniel: Evidence that can clear his name turns up.

Michael: The legal eagle had to decide between his wife and new job as the D.A., when he fears Lauren will be locked up again.

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Carmine/Abby/Ashley/Victor: Abby spies Carmine kidnapping Chloe and stashing her inside the trunk of his car! Seems Carmine decides to pay Kevin back by snatching up his wife. Abby comes to the fashionista's rescue and takes her place! Ms. Newman realizes the gala is a flop, and thinks her kidnapping can be used as a great publicity tool. Later, Abby sends a text message to her family letting them know Carmine has absconded with her. Ashley freaks when she learns what has taken place, and wants to hold a press conference to help find her only child.

Meanwhile, Victor deduces Abby is behind everything, doesn't want to do a thing. Ashley isn't trying to take any chances with Abby's safety. The exes have a heated argument about how to get Abby back home. Don't be surprised when Ash turns to Tucker.

Carmine thinks he's bested Kevin, but gets the shock of his life when he listens to the radio report of his "kidnapping" of Abby! He pulls over, grabs Abby out of the trunk and lets her know they are going back to Genoa City to clear this all up. Abby warns she will tell the authorities he tried to abduct Chloe instead. Carmine heads to a motel to regroup. Look for sparks to be flying like crazy for these two!

Ricky/Eden: Michael's little sis will find a sharp object held very close to her throat, courtesy of Paul's deranged son!

Paul: The gumshoe has to deal with the guilt he has after he participates in a heated showdown.

Cane/Lily/Colin/Genevieve: Daddy's home...

Ronan: Nina's son will find himself in the mix of multiple storylines when he retuns to Genoa City.