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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny shows up at Carly’s with flowers.  She asks how things are going working with Lulu.  He knows it hard for her to trust him, but swears he’ll never betray her again.  Carly knows he’s been honest since they reconciled and is forced to admit that her home cooked meal isn’t really home cooked. 

Anna meets with all her police officers. She thanks them for their hard work during the transition of new commissioner.  She has three cases that are top priority, all of which involve the Zaccharas.  Anna says the first is corruption. She thinks there’s an officer leaking information to the Zs.  Delores remembers her connection to Johnny.  The second is the shooting of Anthony’s tires.  Dante remembers Johnny telling him about Kate’s involvement.  The third is Anthony’s disappearance. Lulu remembers talking to Luke about that one. 

Luke is surprised to see Heather and wants to leave. However, she tells him she heard his conversation with Lulu and wonders about her broken heart.  Heather says she took care of his Anthony problem. Luke asks if she’s the one who killed him, which confuses Heather. She tells him not to deny that he did it. 

Spinelli leaves a voice message for Luke to call him back. He is surprised to find Sam hard at work at the office.  She says she can’t stay home and is trying to distract herself.  She tells him about running into Jason in the cemetery.  Spin wonders if they can start again or if love isn’t enough.  Sam says she can’t get past what happened, but she still loves Jason and always will. 

Liz is getting ready for her date with Ewen when Jason shows up on her doorstep.  He tells her about running into Sam and how far apart they are.  He says Sam wont’ let him help her get past it. Liz reminds him that JaSam love each other. Jason says Sam can’t forgive him. Liz says Sam lashed out at him because it was easier than asking herself why she stayed at the hotel, or why she took the newborn out in a storm.  Liz says Sam is hiding from the pain and that a mother can never forgive herself for failing her child. 

Kate explains everything that she remembers, but doesn’t remember going after Anthony.  Sonny wonders if it’s normal to forget one piece. He reminds Ewen that Connie never told him where she got the gun.  Sonny wonders if Connie was lying so he’d turn his back on Kate.  He feels Connie is responsible, but Kate says Connie is a part of her and her hand was holding the gun.  Ewen says Connie emerged to deal with the truths that Kate couldn’t face, but is choosing to keep this one event from her. 

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Sonny wants Kate to rest and deal with this later, but she insists she wants to know everything she did.  Ewen assures her the memory will surface and to give herself time to process everything.  After Ewen leaves, Kate says she hates Connie, but knows she existed to protect her.  Sonny says he wished she had asked for help. He’s not going anywhere and nothing will separate them again.  Kate wants to tell the PCPD the truth because she doesn’t want an innocent person to be hurt anymore. 

Spinelli talks of his latest case, regarding Heather, which intrigues Sam.  He explains Olivia’s concerns and Heather’s obsession with Luke.  Sam explains her encounters with Heather, starting with not delivering the letter to Steve and Heather wanting to make Sam pay.  Sam wants to catch Heather doing something so she can send her back to Ferncliff.

Luke insists he didn’t kill Anthony. He just moved the body to the terrace.  Heather says she saw all of it and had to protect him and they can have fun now that he’s free.  She tells him to cancel his plans with Anna.  Heather says they belong together and asks if he has feeling for Anna.  He asks where she hid Anthony’s body. Heather says no one will find him.  Luke says she needs to bring the body back because it might have DNA from the real killer.  He tells her that if she really cares about him, she’ll tell him.  Heather offers to take him there instead. 

Delores tells Anna that she’s the leak, feeding information to Johnny and explains about her sister.  She offers her badge, but Anna says she wants Delores to continue feeding information to Johnny. She asks her to keep it between them. 

Dante tells Lulu what Johnny told him about Kate and that sonny covered it up, but doesn’t necessarily believe Johnny and wants to talk to Sonny first.  Lulu tells him that Anthony is dead and that Luke moved and then lost the body.  Dante says she has to tell Anna. Lulu says she will if he tells Anna about Kate.  Dante says he has to talk to Sonny first and Lulu says she’ll talk to Luke. 

Josslyn wants Johnny to read her a book. When Carly leaves the room, Johnny’s brain sees Ghost Hope instead of Josslyn.  Hope accuses him of causing the accident that killed her and her father.  Johnny swears he never meant to hurt them and is trying to make it up to Starr. He will do anything to make her mother happy again.  Carly overhears the last part and thinks he’s talking to Josslyn about her.  When Carly takes Josslyn to bed, Johnny sees Hope across the room. 

Liz said they all made mistakes and there’s no way of knowing if the baby would have survived with medical care.  Jason’s upset that he can’t fix this. He remembers how happy and perfect everything was on their wedding day.  They hug.  Ewen arrives for the date and Jason thanks Liz for listening. 

Luke wants to do this by the book, since he and Anna are roommates. He wants to call Anna to have the cops deal with it.  When he turns his back to make the call, Heather knocks him unconscious with a bottle.