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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna approaches Lulu to discuss Luke and Tracy.  At first Lulu thinks it’s about Anthony, until Anna explains that she and Luke are involved. If Lulu has any reservations to air them.  Lulu wonders if Anna is trying to reassure her or herself.  Lulu says Luke feels things are different with Anna and swears he was calling Tracy to meet and break things off.  Lulu warns that her father tends to have a hard time saying things, so runs away.  Anna wonders if he’d run away from her or Tracy.  Lulu says Luke is trying and to go enjoy their dinner together. 

Tracy’s waiting for Luke to show up for dinner.  Alice wonders if she’s been stood up, but Tracy assures her that Luke is on his way.  Alice asks about Anthony and whether he’d dead.  Tracy claims she doesn’t know or care.  More time goes by and Luke hasn’t shown up.  Tracy tries calling him, but gets no answer and decides to go looking for him. 

Heather talks to an unconscious Luke, blaming him for forcing her to knock him out to prevent him getting Anna involved.  She hears Michael and Kristina coming and manages to drag Luke’s body behind the bar, where she hides. Michael’s there to meet with Starr. He and Kris argue back and forth about Starr’s trust ability and Kris’s need to get back at Sonny.  Heather is forced to listen as Michael claims Trey is setting them all up to be exploited and Kris will be humiliated.  They get tired of waiting for Starr and head over to her apartment. 

One of Spinelli’s buddies, who works at the hotel, lets him know that Heather was seen going into Todd’s room earlier. He and Sam head over there to get information.  Woodrow lets them into Todd’s room. Spinelli stands guard while Sam goes in.  Sam finds Heather’s resume and takes a picture of it. She then finds the newspaper article about her losing the baby, crumpled up on the floor. 

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Todd shows up at Starr’s new apparent, only to be disgusted by new roommate Trey.  Starr says she doesn’t like him either, but their just sharing expenses.  She gets a text photo of Victor from Tea and wants to show her father, who’s not interested in seeing it.  Starr wonders if it’s because Todd still feels guilty about killing the baby’s father, but assures him that he came through for Tea. 

Michael and Kristina get to Starr’s apartment and are not happy to find Trey and Starr in towels.  Michael wants to go out, but Starr’s tired after a day of rehearsal. The agree to order in pizza, which Trey and Starr continually fight about, while Kris and Michael look on.  Later on, Michael wants to go for coffee, but Starr turns him down.  Kris wants to stay with Trey, but he turns her down, so the two leave, while the bickersons continue to bicker. 

Lulu finds Heather at the Star.  She claims she was looking for Luke to tell him she got a job as a journalist with Todd.   Lulu says Heather just can’t let herself in and that she needs to leave so Lulu can lock up.  Lulu spots Luke’s phone on the floor, but Heather claims it’s hers and takes it before leaving.  Lulu leaves her father a voice message warning him he forgot to lock up and asking how his evening was. 

Todd shows up at his hotel door, to find Spinelli, who tries to distract him from going in and finding Sam.  He says he has a PI case that Todd might be able to help him with, but Todd isn’t’ interested and goes into his room.  Spin spots Sam hiding and deflects Todd long enough for her to escape unseen.  After Spin leaves, Todd is surprised to find the article on Sam, lying on his desk.  

Sam wonders why Todd would have a newspaper clipping of her and why he would have cut it up and then balled it up. 

Woodrow brings room service for Anna, as she waits for Luke, Tracy shows up, looking for Luke.  Tracy says Luke was supposed to come over for dinner, since they’re getting back together.  Tracy spots the room service cart and realizes Anna has her own date. She apologizes for intruding, until she sees the food and realizes it’s the same menu she has.  Tracy asks if this is for Luke and Anna admits that it is. 

Heather comes back for Luke and drags him away.