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General Hospital's Jen Lilley: "If You Want to Have an I Hate Jen Lilley Séance in Your Basement, Do It."

General Hospital pinch hitter Jen Lilley has had a rough go of it while temporarily taking over the role of Maxie Jones from a then-ailing Kirsten Storms. Giving soap fans a really bad name, several GH viewers took to terrorizing the actress on Twitter, which resulted in Lilley speaking out about cyber bullying. Deep Soap's  Sara Bibel caught up with Lilley earlier this week at the Daytime Emmy Nominees reception, where the starlet once again talked about what it has been like to be attacked simply for doing her job.


You joined the show as a temporary recast, then ended up sticking around when Kristen Storms turned out to have more serious medical problems. A lot of fans were initially hostile to you. How did you deal with that?

There were certain people that would say, “you made her sick.” Those people were easier to write off because clearly they’re not mentally in a state that’s stable. Those people you really can’t dignify with a comment or a reaction. But the people who would insult me personally, it was hard because I’m not asking everybody to like me. I’m not asking anyone to even give me a chance. If you want to have an I Hate Jen Lilley séance in your basement, do it. That is your right as an American and as a viewer. But it was when they would say it to me personally that I would put it into a Twit longer. “Hey, if you say this to me personally, it’s hurtful.” But overall the fans have been great. I understand that it was an unfortunate circumstance, an awkward circumstance. I have used this reference so many times, but I love “Dexter.” If Michael C. Hall wasn’t Dexter and they had a replacement, I don’t care how good the replacement was, I would be devastated. I get how it’s emotional and heartbreaking, but they’ve really come around. I really appreciate the GH fans.

I think Lilley deserves mad props for keeping the role of Maxie viable while the mega popular Storms recovered. Here's hoping that since Storms is reportedly on her way back,  we'll see the talented Lilley back on TV really soon!

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