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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy claims Anna is wasting her time. She and Luke are getting back together and Luke won’t be coming.  She says Anna’s attempt at seduction won’t work because he wants Tracy.  Anna tells her to go home, because Luke has something to tell her. Tracy wants to know what that is.  Anna says it was to let her down easy, which Tracy doesn’t believe. Anna admits that she and Luke have started something. 

Luke comes to, tied up to a chair and demands that Heather untie him.  She says she’s trying to help him. She says the other women are only going to hurt him.  Heather accuses Luke of calling the police. If they find out she moved Anthony’s body, she’d got back to Ferncliffe.  Luke says she can’t keep him there, people will miss him.  Heather wants him to realize how much they belong together. 

Johnny and Carly start to make out when Michael shows up.  Johnny thanks Carly for dinner before leaving.  Carly tells Michael that they’re back together and hopes he respects that.  Michael says he knows Kate shot out Anthony’s tires and that she’s sick.  Michael says Kate has no idea what her alter did, but Carly thinks Kate knows now and that’s why she’s at Shadybrook.  As he’s leaving Michael warns his mother to be careful, but she assures him that Johnny wouldn’t hurt her. 

Lulu tells Dante that she found Heather at the Star waiting for her father, but Luke is supposed to be letting Tracy down.  Dante’s surprised to hear about Luke and Anna being more than roommates.  Dante says he needs to speak with Sonny before talking to Anna. 

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Sonny’s sitting with Kate when he gets a call from Dante to meet him at the PCPD for a chat.  Dante tells him that Johnny said Kate shot out the tires and Sonny’s covering it up.  Sonny passes the blame to Johnny. However, Dante points out Carly as the alibi and demands to know if it was Kate.  Sonny says Kate is sick. Dante understands that someone with DID could have skills they never knew and asks if Kate admitted it.  Sonny gives a hypothetical. What would happen if someone with DID caused an accident, would they be held accountable. 

Kate calls Johnny and tells him she’s remembered something and wants to see him.  When Johnny gets there, she tells him she’s been remembering things. She’s worried he’ll be blamed for the shooting, even though she caused it.   He asks if she remembers. However, Kate says she knows even though she hasn’t remembered it.  She says Sonny doesn’t want her admitting it to the police so that she doesn’t’ get prosecuted for something Connie did.   Johnny wants her to let it be and that he won’t go after Sonny at her expense again.  He says Carly’s forgiven him. He loves her. He says not to try and remember anymore, because then she’d have to live with the memories. 

Lulu shows up at the Qs and finds Tracy’s dinner set up.  Alice tells her Luke never showed up and that Tracy went to the hotel to find him.  She asks if she should clean up, but Lulu says to let Tracy make that decision. 

Dante says Alexis could argue mitigating circumstances, but Sonny says there is no guarantee that Kate wouldn’t go to prison.  Dante says he has to check it out and report to Anna. Sonny tells him to leave Kate alone.  Sonny admits that Kate has no memory, but that Connie admitted she did it. However, he doesn’t believe her.  He asks if he can call his lawyer.  Dante says to make arrangements and that he’ll have to report to Anna in the morning. 

Tracy says Luke sees Anna only as a friend who needed help, but then remembers seeing Anna in Luke’s bed earlier. Anna admits they slept together.  Anna says Luke was going to tell Tracy, because he cares about her and owed her. She says he’s probably waiting for her at the Qs right now.  Tracy’s bitter about being used by a scammer and a cheater, only to be dumped when a younger version comes along.  Tracy warns Anna that her night with Luke won’t end as she has planned. 

Tracy gets home and finds Lulu waiting for her and realizes Lulu knew the truth.  Lulu promises there will be better guys out there.  Tracy says the only consolation is that she thinks Anna will be stood up tonight as well. 

Luke says he’s not hungry for the meal Heather has prepared, so she’s ready to move on to dessert.  Luke goes along and asks her to untie him, which she starts doing until his phone rings. Anna leaves a message, saying Tracy was upset and wondering where he is.  Heather says Luke will stay where he is until he wants her or until the others have stopped wanting him.