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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Todd moves into Kate’s offices at Crimson and explains to his new assistant that he’s making changes.  The assistant mentions Diane as the gossip columnist when Heather arrives and declares she wants that job. She reminds Todd they have an understanding.  Todd calls Diane and fires her. However, when the assistant balks, Todd fires her as well. 

Patrick’s angry to find Maxie in his robe, saying Robin gave it to him and means something.  Maxie apologizes and thinks it might not have been a good idea to move in with him since she’s a constant reminder of Robin’s death.  Patrick wants Maxie to stay for Emma.  When Maxie’s out of the room, Patrick pulls a bottle of pills out of the robe pocket and takes one. 

Sam’s still concerned about Todd having the newspaper article. However, Spin has bigger news. He reveals Todd gave Heather a job.  Sam figures Heather must have something on Todd. Spin wants to find out what it is.  Spin gets a call from Diane and lets Sam know that Diane was fired in favor of Heather. This makes Sam even more certain that Heather is blackmailing Todd. 

Anna leaves another voice message for Luke, wondering where he is.  Dante tells her that he has new information on Anthony’s shooting, but the information is coming from Johnny and not reliable.  Kate and Ewen arrive. Kate says she’s ready to take responsibility for what she’s done.  Anna is surprised to hear that Kate is not there to take responsibility for the attack on Ewen, but for the car accident. 

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Dante wants Kate to call Alexis. Kate notices that Dante’s not surprised by the truth. Dante says Sonny told him about Connie.  Kate wonders why she wasn’t arrested and if it’s about Sonny. Dante also mentions Olivia being upset with him. 

Sonny meets with Jason and tells him Kate’s breakthrough, about Joe Jr. and how McBain knows as well. Jason tells him about Sam refusing to come home and blames himself for sending the goons after John.  Sonny asks him to find Joe Jr., but Jason says it won’t change anything.  Sonny’s angry that he wasn’t there for Kate and Jr. has to pay.  Jason offers to make calls to find Jr..  Sonny finds a note from Kate that she’s going to admit the truth.

Steve wants to know what’s going on between Liz and Ewen. She claims they’re just friends and co-workers and that they had a nice time at dinner.  She admits she was thinking of Jason because Sam is pushing him away and he needs a friend.  Steve wonders if that’s all it is or if Liz is hoping for more with Jason.  Ewen shows up and tells Liz that he had a nice time at dinner and wants to cook for her.  Liz says she doesn’t have a babysitter and maybe another time.  Steve offers to baby-sit, but Liz doesn’t want the boys around Heather.  Liz says she’ll make another date with Ewen at another time and it has nothing to do with Jason, as Jason shows up. 

Sonny gets to the PCPD to stop Kate from saying anything, but she’s already made her statement.  Sonny wants it to stop. However, Anna warns him that he’s close to obstructing justice. H can be arrested for 48 hours and bump the charge to accessory after the fact.  Kate says Sonny is only protecting her. She tells Sonny that the truth has to come out.  Kate signs the statement.  Sonny wants to go with Kate as she gets processed.  Anna offers to let him go to booking. She thanks Kate for being courageous and coming forward.   

Patrick apologizes for freaking out about the robe. He tells Maxie she can stay as long as she wants, because she’s good with Emma.  Maxie figures she needs to get back to work and look for apartments. She assures Emma she’ll be there. After her shower, Maxie puts on Patrick’s robe again and finds the pills in the pocket. 

At the hospital, Patrick gives Jason a clean bill of health and offers his condolences for the baby. She claims things will get better.  After Jason leaves, Patrick takes more pills.

Todd tells Heather to stop threatening him about Sam, because he could easily tell police about her hiding Anthony’s body for the killer.  Heather admits Luke never actually killed Anthony so hiding his body was for nothing.  Heather claims he’s cheating on her. Todd pretends to care.  Heather wants to go tell Luke about her new position. Todd says she just started working and can’t go.  Sam and Spinelli arrive and listen in as heather reminds Todd that she’ll get upset if he forbids her from leaving.