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Iraqi War Vet Trying to Save Ann Curry's Today Job

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Not everyone is excited to see Ann Curry get the boot from The Today Show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Iraq War veteran Stephen Crowley has set up the online petition "Keep Ann Curry on The Today Show", in order to save the news anchor's gig on NBC's popular morning show.


Crowley claims to be a diehard fan of Curry's ever since she created NBC's "Hiring Our Heroes" job fair for veterans, in partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Crowley stated:

All of a sudden I saw this article about how they were getting rid of her. And I thought it was a stunt or The Onion or something. Some kind of fake article.

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So far the petition has a few hundred signatures, but that isn't stopping Crowley. The vet also said:

I would just tell her not to let this get her down. Because she has a lot of people behind her, who love her, who love her journalism and her style. I'd just tell her to hang in there.

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