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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy shows up at the PCPD and tells Anna that Luke is the one who killed Anthony. She explains how she found the body at the boathouse.  She says Luke claimed he would only send Anthony away. She denies actually killing him, but he also lied about his feelings for her.  Anna thinks Tracy’s deflecting and she’s the killer but Tracy says it would implicate her. Anna asks where the body is. Tracy says she hasn’t seen it since the porch and that Luke’s cronies might have disposed of it.

Anna still thinks Tracy is pining it on Luke as punishment. However, Tracy says she’s welcome to him, since he couldn’t face her.  Anna is surprised to hear that Luke never showed up at the Qs. She admits that he never showed up for her either.  Tracy thinks Luke was intrigued by Anna’s mystery but still wants Tracy’s money.    Anna tells Tracy not to leave town. Tracy feels they both dodged a bullet. 

Sam and Spinelli continue to listen as Heather blackmails Todd into letting her have her day off.  Spinelli follows Heather, who leaves to bring Luke food. Sam decides to get information from Todd.  Todd is caught off guard by Sam and natters on about stuff. He then wonders why she’s looking for a job since she’s a PI.  Sam swears she’s not there to investigate him, but is quitting the business and wants nothing do with Jason. 

Todd says publishing is a fast business and she won’t be able to keep up since she’s recovering from a loss.  Sam says the baby was taken from her and he knows all about it, and Todd sputters that he didn’t take her baby, but Sam blames Jason.  Todd says he’s a businessman and can’t be considerate of people’s feelings.  Sam says there’s nothing worse than losing a child on his birth day and needs a fresh start.  Todd agrees to have her as his assistant. 

Jason tells Liz he’s got a clean bill of health and asks about her date.  Liz says the date was fine, but Steve’s bugging her because she told him she was worried about Jason and Steve is worried she’ll be hurt again.   Liz says she can be Jason’s friend and still date Ewen and that it took her awhile to accept that she and Lucky are done and she’s moving on.  Jason thinks he should do the same with Sam. 

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Liz says they are still married and have a foundation and to give Sam time to come around.  Jason says Sam won’t stay married to someone she believes killed her baby and he can’t give her the baby back.  He tells Liz how Sam said the baby wasn’t hers when she held him. Liz assures him it was Sam’s way of dealing with the loss. 

Ewen tells Patrick he’s interested in Liz, but wonders about her connection with Jason. He explains catching Jason at the house before the date. It seemed innocent at the time, but then overheard the Webber siblings discussing it.  Patrick says when it comes to Jason; Ewen has something to worry about.  He tells Ewen that Jason is a contract killer but all the women want to fix him and defend him. 

Ewen offers Patrick a free session since he’s suffered a loss. Grief tends to come back and he can give Patrick ways to cope.  Patrick claims that he’s fine and doesn’t need it.  Ewen spots Liz and Jason hugging good bye. 

Lulu shows up at the Drake house, curious as to why Maxie gave up her place.  Maxie explains how Spin dumped her as his friend, Patrick got rid of Matt’s place and she didn’t want to move in with Mac.  Lulu wonders if it’s a reminder of Robin, but Maxie says everything is. Patrick was grieving alone for weeks and then lost his brother for support.  She says she wants Patrick to turn to her for help and not drugs and shows lulu the bottle of pills she found. 

Lulu asks if Patrick is using and thinks Maxie is jumping to conclusions.  Maxie points out that the bottle had no label. She enabled Lucky’s drug addiction once and she won’t do the same with Patrick.  Lulu tells her to confront Patrick. 

Spinelli follows Heather to the woods and makes notes in his tape recorder.  Heather overhears him saying that he needs to find her.  At first, Spin covers and says he’s a birder and he was talking about finding birds. Heather believes him, until she grabs the tape recorder and hears that he was following her.  Heather thinks Olivia put him up to it, but Spin swears he finds her fascinating and was curious.  Heather says she’s going to put a stop to Olivia’s nosing around, breaks Spin’s recorder and storms off. 

Todd gives Sam a list of people he’ll take calls from and those he won’t.  She assures him he won’t regret hiring her. 

Maxie takes a pill out of the bottle, but when Patrick gets home, she drops it on the floor and it rolls under the couch.  She tells him she needs to talk to him.