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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Paul Plugs Ricky!

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Paul/Ricky: Eden's family and friends start fretting when they can't get in contact with her. Paul heads over to Slick Ricky's place after he remembers spotting Eden hanging out with him. Paul gets the shock of his life when he discovers his son holding a knife to Eden's throat! The gum shoe whips out the gun he took from Lauren and tells Ricky to let Eden go. Ricky balks at his father's request and starts to list all the crimes he's committed, including the one involving Daisy. Ricky starts to move towards killing Eden, leaving Paul with no choice but to shoot his own flesh and blood! Paul busts a cap in Ricky's shoulder, but the force of the shot results in Ricky going flying through the window, killing him instantly.


Paul is horrified by what took place and is too shell-shocked to speak with the police when they arrive on the scene. Ronan shows up and is able to get Paul to tell him what happened. Once Paul fills the police in on the events that took place, he flies to Los Angeles to speak with Isabella to inform her about their son's death. Isabella doesn't register a thing, since she's still much too mentally ill to comprehend what Paul is saying. In Genoa City, Michael finds out Paul left town without notifying anyone and has no choice but to issue a warrant. Later, D.A. Baldwin finds out Paul used Lauren's gun to shoot Ricky! He tells Lauren to keep her trap shut about the gun. Paul becomes overwhelmed with guilt. Will this lead him to the brink?

Phyllis: Red's life starts to come apart at the seams when Cricket returns to Genoa City and reveals all of her dirty deeds.

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