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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny and Michael watch Starr’s rehearsal.  Michael apologizes to Johnny for thinking he caused the accident.  Talk turns

to Carly. Johnny says she gave him a second chance and he won’t blow it.  Michael warns him that if Johnny hurts his mother, he’ll answer to him. 

At the courthouse, Alexis says she’ll present Kate’s medical information for leniency, something Sonny isn’t happy about.  Kristina and the camera crew show up.  She thinks her father is the one having the hearing. She asks Alexis what she’s sold her soul to the mob for.  Sonny tells Kris to show her mother some respect. However, Kris says her mother’s always helping him get away with murder.  Kate says it’s not what Kristina thinks and is confused by the cameras.  Kris explains about the reality show.  Kate admits she committed the crime and not Sonny.

Heather is surprised to find Sam at the office and doesn’t believe that Todd would have offered her a job.  She drags Todd into his office and wants to know why he hired Sam and says he looks guilty.  Todd says he’s determined to make things up to Sam. Heather says Sam is a PI and she’s spying on them.  Todd says Sam quit the PI business and thinks Jason is responsible for the baby’s death.  Heather says Sam will put the pieces together and that she caught Spin following her.

Spinelli explains to Olivia what happened in the woods. Olivia is worried that she’s now in Heather’s sights.  Spin agrees that Heather is unstable, but he’s got Sam on the case as well.  He calls Sam, who tells him that she’s now Todd’s assistant and that she’s trying to listen on his conversation with Heather.  Spin tells Olivia about Heather’s new job and she agrees that heather must be blackmailing Todd.  

Maxie tells Patrick that she found the pills in his pocket. He gets angry that she went through his stuff and he doesn’t need her spying on him.  Patrick says they’re prescribed medications.  Maxie says she’s worried and ignored the warning signs with Lucky. She won’t make that mistake again.  She says she won’t enable Patrick.   She wonders why there is no label. Patrick says it’s like aspirin and he got it at work.  Maxie apologizes for jumping to conclusions and gives the bottle back to Patrick.  After he leaves, she picks up the one that fell on the floor.  

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Kate tells Kristina, in full view of the cameras, that she shot out Anthony’s tires.  Alexis says they’re pleading not guilty. Trey pipes up and says he heard the confession.  He and Alexis go back and forth until Sonny stops them. he says Trey cant’ use the footage because Kate didn’t sign the release.  Kristina asks how Kate could have caused the accident. Kate says she has a mental illness and Connie wanted to hurt Sonny, something Alexis says Kristina should understand. 

Trey’s upset when he can’t get into the courthouse to continue shooting.  Kristina says she doesn’t want this to air and to leave Kate out of it.  Trey’s angry that Kris is always leaving her family out.

Starr compliments Johnny on the new improvements to the Star.  Talk turns to the accident and Starr says she knows the truth and Johnny admits he knows it as well.  Starr tells Michael that things are picking up for her, except for new roommate Trey. She can’t stand him. Michael points out that Trey was flirting with her the other night, which upset Kristina.  Starr realizes that Kris has a thing for Trey.  Michael’s worried Trey will exploit Kristina and pretend to be interested in her to get her to do what he wants.  Starr says she feels sorry for Kristina, because Trey is a jerk. 

Michael doesn’t want Trey to use Starr like he’s doing with Kristina. He thinks she deserves better, someone who cares about her.  He says she looks beautiful when she smiles.  Kris and Trey show up. Trey wants to tell them what happened with Kate, something Johnny is instantly interested in. 

Heather says Spinelli was following her, likely on Olivia’s orders. However, Todd says Sam isn’t partners with Spin anymore and wont’ figure out the truth.  Heather accuses Todd of having Sam and Spin play him for a fool.  Todd admits he caught Spinelli outside his hotel room.  Heather says to get rid of Sam now. She goes to the door and finds Sam outside, listening. Todd tells Sam to take the rest of the day off 

Heather thinks Todd should have outright fired Sam, but he has a better idea to keep her close and watch her.  Heather worries that Sam will end up taking them both down. 

Sam goes back to the office and tells Spin what happened and that she thinks they know she’s a spy.  Spin points out that she wasn’t outright fired. 

Sonny apologizes to Alexis for Kristina’s behavior and wishes the cameras would go away.  Alexis says Kris would go with, but Sonny points out that Kris wouldn’t survive in the real world. Alexis would rather not find out.  Sonny apologizes to Kate for the cameras, but she says she needs to get used to them.  Kate’s upset that she took two lives. However, at least no one else will be falsely accused.  Kate’s worried about Johnny being blamed since he’s innocent and then has a brief memory of Connie’s meeting with Johnny as the PCPD.