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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Carly finds Todd in Kate’s old office and is surprised that he’s moving in. She wonders about Kate’s feelings on the deal.  Todd says Kate has other worries now.  Carly gives him papers to sign and says she would have left them with his assistant. Todd says he sent Sam home. Carly wonders why he gave Sam a job, since she’s already a PI with her own firm.  Todd claims Sam wanted a fresh start.  Carly says Johnny wants the same thing by helping Starr. 

Todd doesn’t want Carly comparing him to Johnny.  Carly says Johnny’s trying to help Starr, but Todd says she isn’t helpless. Carly asks why he’s giving Sam a job, but Todd is vehement that he’s not like Johnny.  Carly wonders what he has against Johnny, because he’s trying to change his life. Todd yells that people don’t change and that Johnny has secrets, because everyone does. 

Kristina says Kate’s alter caused the accident.  Johnny’s surprised that Kate came forward.  Trey wants a reaction from Starr. Starr admits she already knew and isn’t’ interested in performing for Trey’s cameras. Trey is sure Kate will get jail time.   While they argue, Johnny’s happy to see Kristina back in town. He tells her about his new project and wonders what the deal is with the cameras, which she explains.  Johnny feels Trey is exploiting her and what Sonny did to get her into Yale was no different than other parents.  He asks about Alexis, but Kris says she’s the worst. 

Trey confronts Johnny about his feelings for Kate hurting Anthony. However, Johnny is on Kate’s side.  Johnny agrees to an interview and said he was raised in the business, but he’s choosing to walk away and start a new venture.  Trey’s not interested in anything that isn’t juicy and says there is no way out of that life. 

Kate says she remembers something with Johnny, but isn’t sure what.  The judge arrives and wonders if the DA is wasting the court’s time again. Mr. Chan says Kate admitted her guilt.  Alexis claims the person that caused the accident doesn’t exist and Kate needs to be released. 

Sam’s hanging out at Jake’s.  John’s sitting in a plane on his way to New Orleans, when Sam calls him to talk, because she needs a shoulder.  He admits he thinks about that night and wonders if he missed something and wishes he could help her.  She offers him a safe flight and he tells her to take care.  Jason shows up on the flight and hears John’s goodbye to Sam.  Liz shows up at Jake’s and hears Sam’s goodbye to John.

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John tells Jason that Sam is okay, that she just needed to talk. He wonders at the coincidence that they’re both on their way to New Orleans and asks if Sonny sent Jason after Joe Junior.  Jason says Teresa isn’t the only person Junior hurt, but won’t say who.  John says Jason can’t render his version of justice, but Jason says John shouldn’t care how justice is served. 

Sam points out that Liz overheard. She wonders if she’ll run and tell Jason that Sam was talking to John.  Liz says Jason isn’t in town. Sam wonders where he went and why he would tell Liz.  Liz says she was there when he got the call. She tells Sam not to keep lashing out at Jason that he wants to help and he’s hanging on by a thread.  Sam snarks that Liz was there. Liz says Jason came to her.  Sam says she’s surprised that Liz is making her move so soon. 

Liz calls Sam on the hypocrisy of her talking to John, but Jason not being allowed to talk to her.  She claims she made an effort to respect Jasam’s relationship, but Sam says Liz was busy chasing Lucky during that time.  Liz points out that Lucky has been gone awhile now. Sam admits Liz has been patient, but says now is her chance.  Sam asks if Liz stopped loving Jason and Liz asks her the same. 

Sam wonders if Liz is asking for permission to go after Jason. Liz tells Sam that Jason will do anything to make her happy even if that means walking away. If Sam keeps pushing him, he’ll be gone for good and she’ll only have herself to blame. 

Ewen testifies that Kate’s alter caused the accident and Kate is not responsible.  Alexis asks that the case be dropped as the one in Pennsylvania was and for Kate to resume treatment with Ewen.  The judge says he’s not dismissing the charges and asks about the victims. Starr arrives and asks to be heard.  Starr says she once wanted vengeance, but she’s seen DID first hand and knows Cole wouldn’t want Kate punished.  She asks that Kate be allowed to get the help she needs.  The judge grants a recess to decide. 

Sonny tells Ewen that Kate remembered something, but all she remembers is that she spoke with Johnny after the accident . She doesn’t know where or about what.  The judge returns and says the DA can’t prove anything and the charges are dismissed.  Sonny and Kate thank Alexis, who says Starr was the deciding factor. 

When Starr returns to the club. Trey wants to film her again. Kristina gets upset since she’s the mob princess.  Michael commends Starr for doing what she did and offers to drive her home.  Kristina is happy to finally be alone with Trey. 

Jason asks how Sam is, and John says she’s having a hard time. He admits this is the first time they’ve spoken since he left.  John says he’s going to get to Junior first and bring him back to stand charges.  Jason says not if he gets to Junior first.  Police arrive and tell Jason he has a problem.