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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Olivia’s grateful that Kate has been cleared of the charges against her and all she’ll need is to continue her therapy.  Kate says she found out why Connie came about and explains to Olivia about Joe Junior.  She still blames herself for the accident. Sonny tells her that she needs to forgive herself as Starr has.  Kate tells Olivia that she’s ready to go back to work at Crimson and get on with her life.  Olivia wonders if Sonny will have Jason go after Junior.  After Olivia leaves, Kate thanks Sonny for his support. She wonders if he’s going to go after Junior and kill him.  Sonny just wants her to heal. 

Jason is detained by the police while they check his gun permit.  Jason accuses John of doing it. John takes off to find Junior on his own.  Sonny calls to check in. Jason explains that he’s been stopped, but that Alexis is working to fix it.  Sonny tells him to bring Junior to him to finish this. 

Steven finds Heather mulling over her newest column for the paper. She complains that she can’t get it right because she’s upset that she’s being watched. Someone has been following her.  Heather explains catching Spinelli following her. He admitted to her that Olivia had hired him.  Olivia arrives and Steve questions her.  Olivia admits she hired Spin, because Heather has been lying for weeks. She reveals a cop pulled Heather over the night of the storm and she was with a “husband”.  Olivia accuses Steve of enabling and making excuses for his mother. 

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Heather agrees that she did lie. She met a man online and went on a disastrous date with him. She was embarrassed and ashamed to admit the truth.  Olivia doesn’t believe the story, but Steve does. 

Kristina wants to get to know Trey a little better.  He gets a call from his father, who turns out to be Joe Scully Jr.  Dad’s proud of Trey’s work with the TV show.  Kristina is happy that he has a supportive father, since her parents aren’t. Trey says there is no Mom in the picture, she left them.  Kristina leans in and kisses Trey, who pulls away. He says they shouldn’t do that again because he doesn’t want distractions while making the show.  Kristina wonders if the real reason he stopped kissing her is because he’s interested in Starr. 

Trey assures Kris that he’s not interested in Starr. Kristina asks if he would be interested in her if there was no show.  Trey gives a lame answer about fighting off men to get to her and she buys it. 

Starr tells Michael that she thought she’d get closure, but hasn’t felt it yet. She’s okay with Kate being free since she was sick.  Michael admits that he regrets having had her arrested for pulling the gun on Sonny.  They get back to the apartment. Trey left it a mess and decide to dump his stuff out the window.   They get caught up in the  moment and Michael leans in for a kiss, but Starr pulls back saying she just wants to be friends. She feels like she’d be cheating on Cole and isn’t ready to let him go.  Michael understands, since he’s still hanging onto Abby’s apartment. However, he also feels like the kiss would have been right.  Starr says she doesn’t want to hurt him. Michael agrees to only friendship. 

John walks into Junior’s store and pulls a gun. He goes over Junior’s background, despite Junior’s assurance he isn’t who John thinks he is.  One of Junior’s goons smacks John in the head, briefly knocking him out.  When he comes to, Junior tells him that his story is wrong. Sonny was the one who killed Teresa and that he’s now going to dispose of John. 

Jason comes in gun blazing, taking out Junior’s men and planning on taking Junior with him.  John doesn’t want him to, but wants him to let john take Junior through the proper channels.  Jason leaves with Joe Junior.