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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny’s got Joe handcuffed to a chair at the coffee warehouse, telling him that Joe will pay for what he’s done. Joe’s swears is all a misunderstanding and that he’s been keeping his nose clean for years. Joe claims Connie used to hang out with him, for his money. She came onto him and she slept with him willingly. Sonny doesn’t believe it and tells Joe to admit the truth and die with a clear conscience.

Joe asks if Sonny will kill him like he killed his father. Sonny says he respected Senior until he got greedy and that he died like a man. Joe wonders what kind of woman throws away a child, like garbage. Sonny wonders how he knew about the baby. Joe claims he heard around town, but Sonny says no one knew Connie was pregnant unless Joe was having her followed. Joe swears he heard about it. She had the baby and left it for dead. He swears he’s the victim and that Sonny can’t believe her, none of this is his fault.

Kate shows up at her office only to do a double take when she sees Manning Enterprises. Kate confronts Todd, letting him know that these are her offices. He tells her that he bought a controlling interest in a company that had Crimson as one of its holdings. Kate wants him to keep Crimson running and she’ll get it back on track. And then wonders if this is more about payback to her, but Todd says he doesn’t want Kate to go to jail, although Connie should be locked up.

Kate assures him that Connie is gone and not coming back. Todd doesn’t believe her because he has firsthand experience with his sister. Kate says she knows why the alter was created and swears Connie is gone for good. Todd tells her to celebrate Independence Day while he decides what to do with the magazine.

Trey’s upset that Starr threw his underwear out the window, so he shows her his nakedness while getting dressed. She’s angry that the place was a mess when she got home with Michael. The two argue about nonsensical stuff that no sane person would care about.

Sam tells the cameraman to leave her alone. Kristina shoos him away. Sam says she’s going to work, because nothing will make her forget her baby. Kris knows that Sam is blaming Jason. She wonders if Sam can get past it and if she still loves Jason. Sam can’t believe she’s not with Jason anymore. Kris assures her they’ll find their way back.

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Molly calls TJ to invite him over to spend time with her since she’ll have the house alone. Shawn allows TJ to go, thinking he’s heading over to hang out with male friends. The two kiss and get caught by Kristina and her cameraman. Molly swears they’re just friends. She begs Kris not to put it in the show, since they’re forbidden to be together. Kris tells the cameraman to stop filming. Molly and Trey explain about the party that went wrong, but that Molly trusts TJ. Kris offers to cover for Molly and tells the cameraman to erase everything.

Michael asks Starr to the Qs for the Fourth of July barbeque. He wants company since it always gets tense with Edward and Monica. Starr agrees to go, so long as Michael understands that it’s not a date and just friendship. Starr mentions Trey going naked. Michael offers to punch him in the face for it.

Sam shows up at Todd’s office and doesn’t find him there. She starts to go through papers on his desk, until Todd returns and catches her. He asks why she’s not celebrating the holiday, but she’s not into it this year. Todd explains about Kate wanting to keep Crimson. He tells Sam to deal with it as his assistant. Sam says she doesn’t know how Todd could work side by side every day with Kate, knowing what she did to his grandchild.

Todd says he feels for Jason, finding out he has a psycho brother. It’s something Todd can sympathize with. He wonders if Sam is better off without her rapist’s baby. Sam immediately objects and says she’s also heard about Todd. Would his kids be better off dead because of him. Sam decides it wasn’t a good idea to take the job. Todd begs her not to leave.

Todd says Sam is young and can have another baby. Sam says this was her last shot. She lost a baby before and after this loss, does not want to go through another pregnancy. She says her son was her last chance to be a mother and now he’s gone. Todd says he’s sorry and that he needs to tell her something.

Trey bumps into Kate at Kelly’s. He wants her to sign the release to be on the show, but Kate turns him down. She points out that no one would give Kristina a show if Sonny wasn’t an alleged criminal. She claims Trey knows nothing about Sonny. Trey wants her to discuss their relationship on camera. Kate says she’s not interested and can tell the difference between a visionary and a cheap hustler. She claims he’s exploiting the tension between Sonny and Kristina. The truth is that Sonny loves his daughter and that he’s profiting from Kristina’s pain. Trey calls Kate judgmental since she tried to kill Anthony and killed a three year old instead.

Trey goes to Kristina’s and asks about any good footage. The cameraman says Kris made him erase everything with Molly and the secret boyfriend. Kristina says she has to protect her little sister. Trey decides he wants to focus on Sonny. Sonny offered to show him the coffee warehouse and want them to go over now for a surprise visit.

Sonny pulls out his gun and tells Joe that he’ll die like he lived, a worthless coward and to say goodbye.