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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna finds Tracy in the Q boathouse and wants to see if she missed anything. Tracy wonders if Anna thinks she killed Anthony. Anna says Tracy is pointing the finger at Luke because he dumped her.  Tracy says Luke’s likely shacking up with someone else now anyway.  Anna asks about the night Anthony disappeared. Tracy goes through the details. She explains that Heather was there that night and left before Tracy found the body missing.  Anna wonders if Heather moved the body because of her obsession with Luke.

Molly and TJ hang out in her room. She tells him to change into his suit for a swim.  Kristina wants Trey to take a break from the show and hang out for a swim.  Trey wants to stay professional and surprise Sonny at the warehouse.  Alexis shows up, wanting to spend time with her girls on the holiday. Kristina says she’s busy with the show.  Alexis goes to find Molly in her room, only to find TJ, half dressed. 

Joe’s still trying to stop Sonny from killing him when John shows up and wants Sonny to hand Joe over to him.  Sonny says Teresa wasn’t the only victim. John says that Sonny would get murder one and to think of his kids.  John insists Joe tell him the truth and he finally does admit he killed Teresa. However, he blames it on John.  Joe says he saw Teresa talking to John and found out he was a Fed. 

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Todd is about to tell Sam something about her baby when Heather shows up with her column. She complains to Sam about Spinelli following her.  Sam denies any knowledge, saying she isn’t Spin’s partner anymore. She wants to talk to Todd about the baby.   Heather drags Todd into his office and tells Sam to order them some Chinese food.  She warns Todd not to tell Sam the truth even though Todd is feeling guilty. 

Robert delivers the Chinese food. He remembers Sam and Jason’s wonderful wedding and the love in their eyes.  Heather tells Todd that he’ll go to prison if he tells the truth. He reminds her that she will too. Todd says Heather talked him into switching the babies and said Sam didn’t want hers.  Heather says he’s not blameless and the truth would hurt Tea and Starr.  Heather mentions that Jason won’t be happy when he finds out the truth either.  Sam interrupts with their food. She asks what Todd was going to tell her about the baby. Heather says she found out that Jason’s at fault for the baby’s death, since he had John beaten up.  Todd agrees that’s it’s all he was going to tell her about the baby. 

Alexis freaks out and insists on an explanation from Molly as to why TJ was half naked in her room.  Molly admits they’ve been seeing each other behind her mother’s back.  Kristina blames Alexis for all the lying.  Kristina apologizes to Molly for not warning her that Alexis was home.  Alexis is angry that Kris knew. She says Molly is 15 and shouldn’t be having sex in her room.  Molly says they weren’t, he was changing for a swim.  Kristina points out that everyone will see how wrong her mother always is.  Alexis says no one will see the footage and grabs the camera. 

Alexis tells Kristina that she doesn’t treat her like an adult because she’s still carrying her childish vendetta.  Alexis tells Molly that there are rules and doesn’t believe everything was innocent.  TJ comes in and says it’s the truth. Kris says Alexis shouldn’t forbid them from seeing each other.  Molly says she doesn’t need protection from TJ. Just because Alexis got pregnant as a teen, doesn’t mean she will.  Alexis tells TJ to leave and Kris offers to drive him home. 

Sonny wants Joe to pay for what he’s done and wants John to look away.  John hesitates, but ultimately says there’s a line he won’t cross and pulls his gun and tells Sonny to lower his.  Police officers show up, called in by John and he officially arrests Joe for Teresa’s murder, but allows Sonny to go free.