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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick’s dealing with Emma when Lulu stops by to see Maxie and to ask about the pills she found.  Maxie asks for Lulu’s help. She reveals she confronted Patrick, who said the pill was aspirin, but she kept one.  Patrick gets a call from the hospital and heads out. The two look online for clarification. 

Sonny explains to Jason that he didn’t get a chance to kill Joe because John stopped him.  He says Joe put the blame on John’s shoulders. Jason understands how that would make John blame himself, since it’s his fault the baby died.  He says Sam can’t forgive him because he couldn’t accept the baby until it was too late.  Sonny reassures him that Sam still needs him and will realize it.  Jason doesn’t think so, because whatever was happening between Sam and John still is. 

Jason says he’s a constant reminder of her lost baby and Sam will never get over that.  He says he can’t look back anymore. He has to accept what he did and lost.  Sonny says there’s still hope. He and Sam can find their way back. 

Sam finds John hanging out on the docks and he tells her that Sonny didn’t kill Teresa, but took the fall.  He blames himself, since he told his sister he could protect her and didn’t.  He asks how Sam’s doing. She says some days are better than others and admits she’s working undercover on a case to keep busy.  She’s complains about Heather and her obsession.  Talk turns back to Jason. Sam can’t believe that her marriage has fallen apart. She leans her head on John’s shoulder. 

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Sam goes to stand up and leave, but John asks her to stay.  They watch the fireworks together, while Sam gushes at how much she loves them.  They lean in and kiss each other. 

Michael and Starr are at the Q boathouse enjoying the Fourth of July festivities, eating, boating, getting dunked.  They get closer during the day and when the fireworks start, they kiss. 

Spinelli overhears Anna discussing Heather in her tape recorder and admits he’s investigating Heather as well, but that she caught him.  He says Olivia hired him and explains about the night of the storm and the cop stopping Heather.  Anna wonders if Heather’s “husband” could have been Anthony. She contacts the cop, who can’t make a positive ID.  Anna wants to tie Heather to Anthony and wants Spin to take her to the spot where he confronted Heather. 

Patrick comes home to find Maxie and Lulu checking something online. He is suspicious when they slam the laptop closed.  The girls claim they were shoe shopping. When Patrick leaves the room, Lulu says the drug is an amphetamine used for ADHD and that Maxie needs to confront Patrick.  Maxie’s worried that Patrick will get angry again, but Lulu warns her not to make excuses.  When Patrick comes back, Lulu tells him they need to talk. 

Heather brings Luke a picnic lunch, which he’s not interested in.  She asks if he’s forgotten Anna as she told him to and if Anna has moved on.  Luke points out that Anna is a good cop and will find him. Heather says she’ll solve that problem if it comes up.    Heather brags about what she’s done to Sam while holding the DNA results.  Luke wants to see what it is, but Heather doesn’t trust him yet.  She asks that he prove his loyalty by writing Anna a letter to dump her. 

When she reads the letter, she realizes Luke has written a coded message to Anna.  So she regags him and takes off.  Meanwhile, Spinelli and Anna are in the woods, looking for clues.  Anna says it’s now an official investigation and Spin needs to bow out, even though he wants to help.  The canine unit shows up and the dogs bark up a storm. Anna calls out asking what’s been found.  Luke hears and tries to yell for help.