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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: The Bug Busts Phyllis!

Cricket/Phyllis: Phyllis could really use a can of Raid this week in Genoa City back, because The Bug is back! While helping Paul with his case, Cricket finds the evidence Ricky had linking Phyllis to the hit and run all those years ago! A stunned Cricket fills Paul in, surmising that Phyllis must have seen the kiss she gave Danny the night of her wedding to Paul.Paul isn't too broken up about his ex kissing her ex almost 20 years ago, since he's trying to beat a murder rap!


Later, Cricket confronts Phyllis with what she knows, and things grow volatile between the two sworn enemies. Cricket vows to make Phyllis pay for her crimes, however a legal loophole keeps Red out of the slammer. Before Phyllis can breathe a sigh of relief, however, Nick learns of her long ago actions and is appalled. Can Phick survive this latest blow?  

Kevin: He is not amused when he finds out who Chloe's financial backer is.

Sharon/Adam/Chelsea: News of Adam and Chelsea's engagement  spreads across Genoa City. A jealous Sharon points out to Chelsea that Adam didn't give her Hope's engagement ring, as he had with her. Meanwhile, Adam goes to Victor with a business opportunity, but his father shuts him down. The black knight tells Adam if he ditches Chelsea, then they can talk. Adam warns his father not to go after his new lady love.

Later, Sharon bumps into Adam and tries to convince him he isn't in love with Chelsea. Following his chat with Sharon, Adam decides he and Chelsea should elope! 

Sharon's day doesn't get much better, after she hears Victor and Nikki talking about the horse Victor gave her. Sharon heads off undetected, and winds up stealing a necklace from a department store!

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Adam and Chelsea head for Kansas to get married. When Sharon finds out, she realizes she still wants Adam, and vows to bust up the wedding!

Ronan/Nina: Mother and son butt heads over Paul's arrest. Nina is confused as to why Ronan is being extra tough on Paul, since the two have worked together before. Will Heather hold the answer to Ronan's behavior? 


The naked heiress and the bartender's relationship starts to turn romantic, much to Victor's chagrin. Will Abby be able to help her new beau out of the legal trouble she got him into in the first place?