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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Heather gives Todd the photo of Sam and John kissing. While Todd would love to use it, to get back at John, he refuses to hurt Sam anymore than he already has.  Todd tells her to dig dirt on someone else, namely Johnny.   Todd’s concerned by Johnny’s involvement with Starr, but he doesn’t trust Johnny and knows he’s hiding something big.  He tells Heather to find Johnny’s skeleton.   Heather sets out to find Johnny’s secrets. 

Anna tells Delores that they found Anthony with gunshot wounds, but doesn’t think Lacey did it.  Anna thinks Heather moved the body because she’s fascinated with Luke. Anthony had other enemies, including Sonny and Jason, but that she wants them to check out Johnny. 

Johnny’s wondering where Starr’s mind is at since her rehearsal wasn’t good.  Starr admits she’s thinking of someone and that it’s Michael. She they’re just friends even though they kissed.  Johnny says she and Michael look good together and they deserve to be happy.  Starr’s worried about getting hurt again and that it will be weird since Michael is Sonny’s son and Kate killed her family. Johnny mentions Todd coming to see him, to warn him away from Starr. Starr gets angry and she heads out to find her father. 

Michael’s listening to Starr’s song on his iPod and remembering their kiss, when he spots Jason, who’s just removed his wedding ring.  Michael talks about Starr and that he has feelings for her. Talk turns to Sam and Michael is sure that she still needs Jason, but Jason says he saw her kissing John and that it’s over.  He says Sam didn’t turn to him in her time of need and then John was there. 

Liz leaves a voice message for Jason about the kiss. Steve overhears and is upset to hear the kiss was with Jason.  She denies that it was romantic, saying Jason’s dealing with his marriage and she wants to be there for him.  Steve asks if she still has feelings for Jason, and that he’s worried about her.  Liz says she’s fine. Steve says he and Olivia had a fight because she hired Spin to follow Heather.  Liz points out that his mother isn’t easy to get along with and he should be cautious.   

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Kristina catches Sam taking off her ring and begs her to reconsider and give Jason another chance.  Sam says she can’t get past what Jason did even though she misses him.  Kris says Jason could be helping and supporting her. Sam admits she kissed John McBain.  Kristina wonders if Sam wants to be with John or go back to Jason.  Sam says John was never the problem. 

Kristina reminds Sam that she and Jason have survived a lot, but Sam says she hasn’t seen the man she loves in a long time.  Kris begs her to put the ring back on and Sam does.

Starr goes to her father and tells him to back off or she’s kicking him out of her life.  Todd says he was only trying to protect her because he loves her. He promises not to interfere regarding Johnny anymore.  Starr tells him the music and the club will launch in a couple of weeks. 

Anna calls Johnny to come down to the PCPD for information on Anthony.  When he gets there, Anna tells him that they found Anthony’s body buried in the woods.  Johnny asks if Luke is in custody for shooting him. Anna points out that she didn’t say Anthony was shot.  Johnny comes back with Anthony’s blood being at the boathouse and Lacey disposing of the gun.  Anna says Tracy denies anything and Luke is missing. She thinks Heather was involved in the disposing.  Johnny heads out. Delores stops him and tells him that Anna thinks another man was involved as well.   Anna tells her men to put an APB out on Luke. 

Starr calls Michael to hang out and Jason warns him to be careful.  When they meet, the two kiss and Michael says she sounds stressed.  Starr is bothered by her father. Michael says it reminds him of Kristina, but Starr says Todd doesn’t have boundaries. 

Heather gets back to the office and shows Todd that she has put a camera in Johnny’s office and he can watch everything Johnny does. 

Anna shows up and says Heather needs to come with her down to the station to answer questions about Anthony.  Heather leaves her purse, with the DNA letter, behind. 

Jason runs into Steve and Liz at Kelly’s. Steve warns him to stay away from his sister and Sam walks in and hears Steve say that Jason had no business kissing Liz.