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Good Afternoon America Premiere Watched by Under 2 Million Viewers, Dips in Second Day

The good news for ABC is The Revolution's replacement, Good Afternoon America, premiered to 1.9 million viewers, or approximately 40 percent more pairs of eyeballs than its predecessor. The good news for soap fans, however, is that GAA is 20 percent off the numbers One Life to Live was averaging in that timeslot a year ago.


For its second air show on Tuesday, the summer series fell to just 1.6 million. ABC's lone soap, General Hospital, averaged almost 2.3 million viewers the week of June 25-29. I hear ABC Daytime's Vicki Dummer isn't any more keen on GAA than anxious soap fans are. The vehicle, from ABC News, is viewed as an "encroachment" by the peeps at Time Square Studios, according to my moles.

"ABC News saw the failure of The Revolution as a way to muscle its way in on the daypart," says one source. "Time Square isn't happy about it, because that takes away resources from ABC Daytime. There was some talk of Good Afternoon America being a co-production of the two divisions, but that didn't happen."

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It's no wonder I'm hearing there could be added synergy between GH and The Chew, in order to fend off a common threat. Are you watching GAA? If so, tell us what you think about it in the comments!

Photo credit: ABC