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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Anna brings Heather down to the station and gives Dante a run down on what’s been happening.  Heather claims she wouldn’t associate with the likes of Anthony Zacchara.  Anna tells Dante she doesn’t think Heather killed Anthony, but she buried him. 

Lulu stops by to see Johnny and asks if police have any leads.  Johnny says police think Heather buried the body, but someone else did the murder. He finally admits there’s an APB out on Luke.  Lulu swears her father didn’t do it; he confessed that he didn’t and is sorry that she didn’t tell Johnny that his grandfather was dead, even though she’s known for awhile. 

Johnny says he always wondered what life without Anthony would be like and doesn’t know if he’s relieved.  Lulu says Johnny isn’t vengeful, but he’s been dealt a crappy hand and gives Johnny a hug.  Lulu says Anthony led a violent life and Johnny isn’t responsible.  She swears Luke didn’t kill him.  Johnny thanks her for caring and listening. 

Carly berates Todd for harassing Johnny, but Todd says he’s protecting Starr because she’s just a means to an end for Johnny. Todd says Johnny has secrets. Carly wonders what she’ll find if she digs into Todd’s secrets.  She says Johnny is a good man who should be forgiven, but Todd says it’s all an act and hasn’t changed.  Carly says she’s married bad and good and Johnny is the perfect middle ground.  Todd spots Johnny hugging Lulu on the laptop and claims he’s got something on Johnny. However, when Carly calls him on it, Todd claims he was bluffing.   . 

Sam is shocked to hear that Jason kissed Liz and demands to know if it’s true and Jason admits to it.  Sam accuses Liz of not wasting time coming onto Jason, but Jason says he kissed her.  Steven tells Sam to be mad at Jason for seducing Liz but then gets called by Anna to go down to the station.  Jason says Sam is in no position to judge since he saw her and John kissing on the pier.  Sam claims they were drunk and it meant nothing, which Liz points out is the same for her and Jason.  Liz says Jason loves Sam, but Sam questions why Jason isn’t wearing his wedding ring. 

Jason says he took off the ring after he saw the kiss. Sam tells him to do what he wants with it and with Liz and storms off.  Liz tells Jason to go after her and that they have a chance.  Jason says he’s glad it’s all out in the open so they know where they stand.  Liz wonders what it will take to get Jason and Sam back together. 

Maxie checks up on Patrick at the hospital and he swears he’s stopped taking the pills and that he only took them to numb the pain of Robin’s death and he’s not dependent on them.  Maxie reminds him to make an appointment with Ewen and promises him that he’s not alone in this. 

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Patrick asks a nurse to change his schedule and goes to make an appointment but when his hands shake, he reaches into his pocket for a pill and takes it. 

Carly goes to see Johnny and he tells her about Anthony and that he’s waiting for closure.  Carly tells him to deal with the loss, that it’s still a shock.  Johnny tells her about Luke’s connection, but Carly doesn’t believe Luke guilty. She thinks it’s a set up and whoever did the deed has no conscience. 

When Steve gets to the station, Anna explains what she has on Heather. Steve thinks Olivia told them about the car.  When he goes in to see his mother, Dante mentions that Heather had no motive, but Anna says it’s the oldest one in the book.

Heather swears the police have made a mistake, but Steve says she needs to tell the truth so he can help her. He asks if the man in the car was Anthony.  Heather swears she doesn’t know Anthony. Steve tells her to get the information of the guy in the car, but Heather claims she doesn’t know any details. She swears she didn’t murder Anthony. 

Heather claims she’s being railroaded by the police. Steve warns her not to fight with them.  Heather wonders if he’s against her too. Steve heads off to find her a lawyer. Heather complains to Anna that she’s detaining an innocent woman.  Anna warns her that she’ll face murder charges if she doesn’t cooperate and mentions Heather using Olivia’s car and how she has to sweep it for DNA.  Heather asks for her one phone call and says not to deny her rights, so Anna gets her the phone.

Todd isn’t happy that Sam showed up late to work. She mentions that her marriage is falling apart. Todd says he’s the last person to ask relationship advice of.  Heather calls Todd and tells him she was brought in for questioning and needs his help or she’ll tell all about Sam.  Todd wonders what she wants from him and Heather claims she has an idea. 

Liz tells Jason that he’s still in love with Sam; she’s his wife and their marriage is worth fighting for.  She says the kiss meant nothing on all their parts and to put the ring back on and fight for his marriage.  Jason says the marriage died the night the baby did.

Sam gets a call from Spinelli about Heather and she spots the purse on the desk and thinks she’ll check if for clues.