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Soaps In Depth Executive Editor Calls For General Hospital Fans to Boycott Good Afternoon America!

The peeps over at Soaps In Depth are drawing a line in the daytime viewing sand when it comes to ABC's "limited run" talk show Good Afternoon America. The publication's passionate executive editor Richard M. Simms has gone on record about the spin off of Good Morning America and why he feels it is a direct threat to ABC's sole soap opera General Hospital. Said Simms:


"If fans want to keep GENERAL HOSPITAL on the air, they need to make sure a clear message is sent to ABC," says Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. "Although GAA is being talked-up as a limited-run series to bridge the gap between THE REVOLUTION's demise and the premiere of Katie Couric's new program, ABC has proven that they'll happily pull the plug on a soap if they can replace it with something that's cheaper to produce."

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Kudos to Soaps In Depth for making such a bold statement, which I'm sure will get them a few screeching, hissing phone calls from ABC PR minions! With only four soaps left in daytime, outlets that depend on the genre have to get braver in calling network's out on their desire to ditch scripted series in the daytime.

However, we welcome all opinions. So, do you agree with Simms that watching GAA could help close General Hospital's emergency room doors for good, or do you think there's absolutely nothing wrong with loving to watch both Sonny Corinthos break glass at someone's feet andLara Spencer burst into giggle farts over Liza Minnelli? Sound off in the comments!