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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick Discovers Phyllis' Dark Secret!

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Nick/Phyllis: The Newman playboy is finally clued in on Red's decades ago dirty deeds involving Paul and Cricket. Nick is floored by what he learns from Michael about his wifebeing accused of running her enemies down. Nick knows Phyllis can be hasty when she's backed into a corner, but never thought she was capable of attempting murder!


Later, Nick bumps into Avery, whom he quickly realizes believes her sister is guilty.  Meanwhile, Michael attempts to get his best friend to admit what she did and answer to the charges. Phyllis balks at his suggestion. When Nick arrives, he confronts his wife about the hit-and-run. Phyllis confesses to renting the car, but claims she wasn't thinking clearly when she witnessed the kiss between Danny and Cricket. According to Phyllis she "mistakenly" hit gas instead of the brake pedal. Nick doesn't buy it. Fed up with her lies, he walks out on his bride.

Nick/Sharon/Victor: Reeling from his encounter with Phyllis, Nick runs into Sharon, whom he confides in. When Victor learns of what's transpired, he offers Nick a solution — a quicky divorce from Phyllis! Will he take his dad up on the offer? 

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