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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie gets off the elevator and is shocked to find Crimson gone and Sam as the new assistant of Manning Enterprises.  Sam explains about Todd taking over.  Maxie offers her condolences about the baby.  Sam is fixated on Heather’s purse and getting into it. 

Heather tells Todd that she needs an alibi and someone, who looks like Anthony, to say they were with her that night.  Todd says he doesn’t fit the bill, but Heather says she already has someone in mind, but left the details in her purse on the desk. She wants Todd to find it and contact the guy.   Todd comes out to get the purse and ignores Maxie’s attempts to schmooze him. Todd goes through Heather’s purse, but finds the DNA results. She is shocked to see that Franco’s isn’t Sam’s baby’s father. 

Alexis turns down Steve’s request to take on Heather as a client.  She catches Molly on the phone with TJ. She is angry they aren’t listening to her. She drags Molly off to see Shawn and explain how she found TJ half naked in Molly’s room.  Both kids explain again that they were going swimming, they’ve only kissed so far and like each other.  Alexis says Molly went against orders. TJ asks if it’s because he’s black, which Alexis denies.  Shawn tells TJ that he needs to be trusted, but admits to Alexis that TJ has been behaving lately. He sees nothing wrong with them dating.  Alexis lays out a long list of rules, but allows Molly and TJ to date. 

Dante’s upset when Lulu finally shows up to work. She says she forgot to come in because she was helping out a grieving Johnny.  He’s even angrier when Lulu points out that Johnny’s relationship is similar to Dante and Sonny’s.  Dante mentions missing work and that people depend on her and it will look bad if she’s not a work.  Lulu accuses Dante of being jealous, but Dante says he doesn’t trust Johnny.  He claims Johnny had motive to kill Anthony. Heather was brought in for moving the body.  Lulu asks about her father. Dante says Anna put out the APB and it’s a really bad time for Luke to disappear.

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Lulu defends her father, but Dante says it looks bad on her because she’s associating with Johnny.  Lulu feels if she’s such a liability she should quit working there. 

Steven lets Olivia in on Heather’s arrest. Olivia’s just glad to know what Heather was up to that night. Steve swears his mother is innocent. She happened to be with a man who looked like Anthony.  Olivia points out that Heather changed her story several times and that the man in the car was dead Anthony.  Steve accuses her of being happy that his mother has been arrested, but Olivia wants him to face the truth about Heather.  Olivia says he’s responsible for Heather and she didn’t want him to suffer when Heather pulled one of her stunts.  Steve says he won’t abandon his mother and Olivia agrees to help him. 

Epiphany approaches Patrick about drugs missing from lock up. She is certain the orderly Ramon is responsible, since he’s been hanging out around the room and has previous infractions.  Ramon’s upset that Pif is blaming him and Patrick goes to bat for him, saying there’s no proof.  Later on Ramon thanks Patrick for the save and says he knows Patrick is the one who took the pills but has his back.  

Sam explains to Maxie about investigating Heather and wanting to go through her purse.  Todd comes out of his office with the DNA results letter, but instead of telling Sam, storms out.  Sam wonders what it is he always seems to want to tell her.  Maxie wonders why a guy like Todd would hire someone like Heather.  They find the purse dumped out on the desk and go through it and figure Todd took whatever with him. 

Maxie complains about Spinelli and Sam says Spin was hurt. but now has to move on without Maxie just like she does.  Maxie asks about Jason and Sam admits she kissed someone, that Jason saw it and kissed someone else and that there’s nothing to hold them together anymore. 

Todd shows up at the PCPD to see Heather and Dante tries to stop him but Todd is convincing.  Heather is surprised to see him and Todd angrily shows her the DNA results.  She wonders how he got it and he reminds her that she asked him to look in her purse.  Todd yells that she let Sam think Franco was the father and that he allowed her to convince him to switch the babies.  He accuses Heather of lying to him but she says everyone, including Tea are better off and there’s nothing he can do about it.