Good Afternoon America Averaging 29 Percent Below One Life to Live's July 2011 Numbers!

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I smell another skunk for ABC in its attempt to come up with cheap, unscripted programming for its daypart. Only this time, ABC Daytime can breathe a sigh of relief. The latest stinker, Good Afternoon America, didn't come from their ranks. This slung together mess is the handiwork of ABC News!

According to TV Media Insights, GAA fell to a 1.5 for its third air show, and held that number on Thursday. The Good Morning America spinoff is already down 12 percent from its so-so premiere. By comparison, cancelled soap opera One Life to Live was averaging a 2.0 in the same timeslot this time last year. So far, GAA is 29 percent below the numbers OLTL averaged during July 2011, the site reports. It may be easy to cancel a soap opera, but it sure is hard to successfully replace one. Long live, General Hospital!


Photo credit: ABC