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Y&R's Daniel Goddard on State of Soaps: "It’s Like Zulu Dawn"


The lack of new blood among soap opera writing is a topic much discussed by soap fans. In an interview with Dose.caThe Young and the Restless’Daniel Goddard weighed in on the topic and the state of soaps.

Do you feel that daytime soaps could benefit from some new writers?

Everyone’s got an opinion on that. My job is to act. Give me a story and I’ll make it work.

When you’ve got a show like ours that has been around for so many years, numbers start to drop and the fear factor kicks in and you start making drastic changes. We could all of a sudden lose 60% of our audience as oppose to 5% each year. I think it comes to a point of view where we just hope that we can hold on to them.

It’s like Zulu Dawn, the movie where you have thousands of Zulu warriors charging down at 200 soldiers. We know that if we can hold on a little longer, we may stand a chance, but everyone knows you’re doomed. Personally, if I was running a show that I knew was going to be terminated, I would start bringing in writers who are either young, worked in primetime, are cutting edge or have written for cable and ask how we could bring in the young crowd.

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