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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Michael asks Kristina’s opinion about which tie he should wear for his date with Starr. However, she’s not very enthusiastic, complaining that Trey isn’t interested in a relationship with her.  Michael warns her against Trey, but Kristina feels that he’s a good guy.  Michael asks if she’s okay with him dating Starr. She says he has her support, but to loosen up a little and to lose the tie. 

Trey leaves another message for his father. When Starr gets home, they get into another argument until he admits that his father hasn’t been returning his calls and he’s worried.  Starr offers to call her detective friend or her father to help. However, Trey’s not that concerned yet.  He heads out to meet Kristina to check out Sonny’s warehouse. 

John visits Joe in a holding cell in Atlantic City.  Joe still claims that John was responsible for putting the target on Teresa’s back and Sonny for shooting her.  Joe says he made a good life for himself and no one will take it away from him.  Joe says he’s going to sue Sonny and John. He then mentions losing a medal that he always wore.  He wonders why John would care so much about a sister he never knew. John says he made his father a promise to protect her.  

Kate finds Sonny at the warehouse and tells him how her sessions with Ewen have been going.  She says she needs to be honest about everything. Sonny tells her that he found Joe and brought him to PC, but didn’t get a chance to kill him because of McBain.  Sonny tells her that Joe accused her of throwing herself at him and that it wasn’t rape.  Kate is upset and even more so when Sonny tells her Joe knew about the baby. 

Anna calls Tracy down to the PCPD and lets her know that Anthony’s body has been found and that she’s got Heather in custody for moving the body, even though she has no evidence.  Anna says the autopsy showed Anthony was shot with the gun. Tracy again denies killing him, which Anna believes.  Tracy again points the finger at Luke. 

Heather tells Todd to help her with her alibi plus one more thing. Todd is not interested in until she reminds him that he allowed Tea to take the baby which the police would consider kidnapping.  She says she needs him to care and feed someone or they’ll die, since she’s stuck in lock up. 

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Heather says she’s only holding Luke until he admits he has feelings for her. She tells Todd that he’s at the shack in the woods.  Todd’s concerned that Luke will be able to identify him, but Heather tells him to figure something out. 

Luke wonders if he’ll ever be found before he starves to death and then hallucinates Lulu showing up to rescue him only she doesn’t.  Luke hallucinates Anna and Tracy being disgusted with him and glad he’s out of their lives. 

Michael nervously knocks on Starr’s door and she nervously answers.  They make small talk. Then Michael wonders why he’s so nervous since there should be no pressure which Starr agrees to. 

Anna catches Todd with Heather, but he’s heading out to do her bidding.  Heather wants to know where her lawyer is. Anna points out that Steve must be having a hard time finding someone to represent her.  She pulls out a tape recorder to make things official. 

Trey and Kristina show up at the warehouse. Sonny introduces Kate to Trey, but she says they’ve already met, when he accused her of killing Starr’s family.  This makes Sonny angry, but Trey apologizes for his comments that day.  Sonny doesn’t want to continue with the filming, but Kate convinces him to do it for Kristina.  Trey complains to Kristina that he won’t let a kid killer judge him. Kris tells him to back off Kate.  After Kate leaves, Sonny tells Trey that he’s only tolerating him for Kris’ sake and not to disrespect those he loves again. 

Trey swears he’s just there to record the family dynamic, but Sonny laughs that off.  He and Kristina talk while Trey scouts the best place to shoot.  Sonny doesn’t understand why Kris can’t see what kind of person Trey really is.  Kristina says Trey is honest about what he does and who he is.  Sonny reminds her that she has a nice life thanks to him. 

Trey moves the chair over and spots his father’s medallion on the floor. 

Todd, inspired by the fact that it’s Friday the thirteenth, dresses up in costume to bring Luke his food.