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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny’s not happy when Kate tells him she went to see Joe Junior, but she assures him that Junior can’t hurt her from behind bars. She mentions the baby and Joe knowing she abandoned him. Sonny tells her not to blame herself for doing the best she could, but Kate is still concerned that she didn’t pay for her crime. Kate has another memory of Johnny’s visit with Connie.


Kate can’t pull the full memory out, seeing only a jumble of images She sees the PCPD and figures Johnny came to see her in lock up.  Sonny questions whether Connie took over, but Kate doesn’t remember. They decide to pay Johnny a visit. 

Joe warns Trey that Sonny can never find out who he is. Joe explains Sonny will take revenge on Trey for being Joe’s son. Trey wonders why Sonny hates his father so much. Joe claims he was better than Sonny who wanted what Joe had. Trey thinks he should stop the reality show, but Joe feels that would make Sonny suspicious. He wants things to play out as planned, so he can bring Sonny to his knees. 

Johnny tells Lulu to go make up with Dante, but she swears it’s just a fight and needs to work since the club opening is tomorrow night. Lulu notices Luke’s name on the guest list and figures he won’t show up. She maintains, however, her dad didn’t kill Anthony. Johnny points out that Luke never went to the Q's, as he said he would. He also reminds her that no one has seen Luke.  Lulu mentions that the last time she saw Luke, Heather was there. 

Olivia shows up at Dante’s, as he’s getting rid of the romantic dinner he had planned for Lulu. She explains how Heather’s alibi held up, while he shares what happened with Lulu. Dante says he overreacted with Lulu. Olivia tells him to go to her, but Dante doesn’t want to push it. 

Heather complains about Olivia, saying she doesn’t want Heather to be innocent and doesn’t care that she’s Steve’s mother. Steve yells at her to stop trashing Olivia to him, as she’s the woman he loves. Steve says they need to find a way to get along.  Heather claims she wants what everyone does, and is simply trying to get her life back. When Steve leaves the room, Heather watches JoLu on her computer, hearing them talk about her. When Heather hears Johnny say she might know where Luke, and then Lulu state that she wants to mention it to Anna, Heather calls someone to ask for help. 

Carly catches Todd talking to himself about being caught and finds the mask. Todd claims it’s a gift for his son and explains about their relationship. Todd claims he doesn’t mean to do the thingshe does, but panics in the moment. Carly can relate to this.   

Sonny and Kate show up at the club, where Kate asks Johnny to give her an honest answer. She tells him she remembers seeing him at the PCPD, but wants to know if Connie came out. If so, what did Connie want? Johnny says Connie’s goal was to get Kate away from Sonny. He tells her Connie grabbed him and kissed him. Kate remembers pushing Johnny away. Johnny says he doesn’t want anymore trouble. He invites them to the opening, but they both decline.  Later, Sonny wonders if Kate believes Johnny’s story. She feels she has to. 

Heather meets with the forger and gives him a reworking of Luke’s goodbye letter to Anna to forge. Olivia arrives and sees the man leaving. When Olivia questions Heather, she denies anyone being there. 

Lulu gets home to an apologetic Dante. He tries to win her over with pastries, only to have her fall asleep on him.   

Carly mentions the club opening and that Todd needs to support his daughter. When Carly tells him Blair will be there, Todd gets riled up. Carly realizes he still has feelings for his ex. Todd admits he and Blair have a bond, but isn’t happy when Carly mentions Blair’s boyfriend. He asks Carly not to put them up in the hotel.  Carly agrees, if Todd swears to leave Johnny alone. 

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