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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante dreams of JoLu making out and wakes to find Lulu out of bed. She walks in with a bouquet of roses. She thinks are from Dante, but they turn out to be from her partner Johnny. Lulu shows Dante the dress she’s wearing to the opening. He’s concerned about the cost, which Lulu isn’t.

Carly wants to be the first paying customer and gives Johnny a ten dollar bill. He says none of this would be possible without her. She tells him she made a deal with Todd to leave Johnny alone.

Todd tells Heather to stay away from the party because Blair will be there and he can’t deal with it. He opens his door to find Blair there. He is surprised, claiming the hotel is booked up. Olivia shows up with Blair’s room key and Todd asks her why Blair was allowed to stay at the hotel since he has a deal with Carly.

Spinelli tries to duck Maxie at Kelly’s. She wonders if he hates her that much. He says he doesn’t like who he becomes around her. He asks her to respect his decision to cut her out of his life. Maxie says she’s going to the Star party and doesn’t want to go alone. Spin tells her he won’t be her fall back anymore and will not be attending the party.

Emma and Patrick pay Anna a visit. They discuss Luke and Anna says she thought he was growing up and that he has a softer side. Anna asks how Patrick is doing and he tells her that Maxie is staying with them and helping with Emma. Anna tells him to ask if there’s anything she can do for him.

Heather stops by to see Luke and bring him food. He’s angry, saying he could have died of hunger. He wonders if the police are onto her. She admits she was taken in because of Anthony, but that no one is looking for Luke. Heather says Anna is easily manipulated and has been thrown off the track.

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Todd calls Carly to yell at her about Blair staying at the hotel. He says he’s going to come after Johnny because of it. Johnny wants Carly to keep her distance from Todd, but she feels she needs to fix this before it gets worse.

Spinelli tells Olivia that he failed at his assignment, but she tells him that she saw a skeevy guy at Heather’s door and got his licence plate number. She wants Spinelli to check it out. Spin gets a hit on the plate and realizes that it’s the forger involved in Lisa’s murder. Olivia wonders why Heather would need a forger.

Spinelli overhears Maxie call Patrick to invite him to the party with her.

Anna gets her forged letter from Luke as Lulu receives hers. Lulu’s letter says Luke isn’t ready for the long haul and that Lulu may feel the same someday towards Dante. Anna’s letter says he didn’t kill Anthony, but took off because it wasn’t going to work out between them.

Lulu stops by to show Anna her letter. Anna’s more annoyed that Luke walked out on his daughter, but Lulu says she’s used to it. She was worried about him when she saw Heather at the Star that day. Anna asks to keep Lulu’s letter.

Dante drops by to see Johnny and to warn him not to send his wife flowers or other gifts. Johnny says he’s happy with Carly and has no interests in Lulu, but that Dante needs to smarten up. When Lulu shows up, Johnny tells her about his visit with Dante and how her husband wants her all to himself.

Blair shows up at Todd’s door to ask that they play nice for Starr’s sake. She asks to speak with Todd alone, after the party is done. She admits that Tomas is not with her. Carly shows up and the two women make small talk. After Blair leave, Carly asks Todd not to take anything out on Johnny. Todd no longer cares about Johnny. Tomas didn’t come with Blair and believes that Blair wants to get back together with him. He tells Carly that she needs to help him get Blair back or else. Carly tells him to ask nicely, so Todd says please.

Olivia runs into Dante and tells him that Heather is in cahoots with a forger. Spinelli goes to Anna and tells her the same thing and wonders why Heather would need the services of a forger.

Luke says Heather won’t be able to keep this up, that someone will catch her or find him. Heather wants them to start a life together and that Luke will love her someday. Luke yells that she can’t make him love her, but Heather says she can provide the right incentive.