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Pretty Little Liars Recap: "The Remains of the A"

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On this week’s Pretty Little Liars our girls set a trap to catch A.  Did they succeed?  (Sigh.  Do they ever?)  Plus, one of our favorite characters from the beginning started acting shifty…

Hanna (Ashley Benson) switched Garrett’s note about April Rose to one about meeting in the abandoned church that night.  Unfortunately, the church wasn’t abandoned. It was throwing the lamest mixer ever.  The plan was to send A to this fake meeting so they could get a look at him or her.  Emily was supposed to help/ Toby was even used as a pawn to throw off suspicion.  Unfortunately, smarmy Det. Wilden showed up instead, claiming to have intercepted the note.  He got all up in Hanna’s face and creepily demanded to know why she was helping Garrett, but she played dumb. 

Yuck.  Det. Wilden is too pushy with Hanna.  Between all the stalking, and the blackmail sex with her mom (which he still lords over Ashley), he seems like a predator who should be locked up, not policing the streets. 


Emily (Shay Mitchell) started getting flashbacks to the night she was drugged.  She remembered being at a diner with a guy, with a tattoo on his wrist.  When she went over to the church social, he ran into Holden and noticed he had the same tattoo.  Only, it turned out it wasn’t a real tattoo, but a stamp to get into a secret rave club with a constantly changing venue.  He dropped the bomb on Emily that he used to see Maya there, then he basically refused to talk anymore and took off, even though you could tell Emily still had a ton more questions.  Huh.  Maybe that’s why he took off?  So, either he just wanted to enjoy his church party, or he’s hiding something. 

We haven’t seen or heard of Holden for a dozen episodes.  One second he’s fake dating Aria and in a fight club, and next he’s invisible.  Just when I thought he’d join the ranks of Kate, Hanna’s Season 1 boyfriend, and Noel, Holden not only gets a mention, he gets an entire scene!  How about that?  Anyway, his behavior was way too strange for him to not pop back up again and explain it away.  Congrats Holden fans! 

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Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) mom was able to get evidence against Garrett thrown out.  This helped Spencer bond with half-sib Jason, and reminisce about Alison.  Mainly, that she was an evil nightmare who’ll never get the chance to redeem herself, and that they loved her anyway.  Together they figured out “April Rose” was actually an antique/pawn shop, and Spencer found an ankle bracelet of Alison’s there.  Alison never took it off, and was wearing it the night she disappeared. 

They turned it into the cops, who found two types of blood on it—Alison’s and the killer’s.  Unfortunately for Alison’s loved ones, the physical evidence did not match Garrett’s DNA and he was released from jail.  When Spencer found out, she broke down.  A of course took the opportunity to taunt her via text, which only made Spencer sob harder.  Poor Spencer! 


Ezra played the reassuring boyfriend by calming Aria (Lucy Hale) down for her first day of work.  However, she left confused, worried and distracted after finding his sock drawer full of cash.  Later, they talked it out, and he confessed it was from selling a vintage car his grandfather had bequeathed him.  He’d hoped to restore it, but needed the money since his firing from Hollis.  Aria believed him, and everything seemed okay.  Then, Ezra got a little suspicious.  Is the “Golden Boy” lying?  What do you think—could he secretly rob banks at night?

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