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The Chew's Carla Hall on Soap Fan Backlash: "Brian Frons Took a Lot of Heat For That"

I'm sure the co-hosts of The Chew sit in terror during interviews, just waiting for that inevitable moment when a journalist asks them how it feels to have ground up Erica Kane in one of their state-of-the-art blenders. Carla Hall has always been a good sport about this line of questioning—as opposed to that snarky blowhard Mario Batali—doing her utmost not to antagonize soap fans further, while basically pointing out there's no reason to be mad at her.  A sistah just took a job! Here's an excerpt from The Braiser where the inevitable All My Children question came up:


The Braiser: Obviously, we love you. And congratulations on The Chew’s quickly approaching one-year anniversary. Did you expect it to do as well as it does and be embraced in the way that it has been, especially after the flack it got for bastardizing the soap opera time slot with a talk show?

Carla Hall: Oh my gosh, we did [get criticized]. It was crazy and Brian Frons took a lot of heat for that, and I was sad to see [All My Children] go, but what I saw in it was that the soap fans were so passionate, and there’s a beginning, and middle and an end for everything, and even for us there’s a beginning. And when something ends, something else begins, and sometimes we don’t like that change. But soap fans [and] new fans have really come to enjoy the show, and I think it’s because it’s a party in the kitchen and it reminds people of what it’s like to entertain, you know? And you have your friends and you’re talking about whatever and you’re learning, you’re cooking together, and I think the surprising thing — I was hoping that the show would be successful, but I think the surprising thing for me — was how well we all get along. We really like each other. It’s a motley crew that works.

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