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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Johnny and Lulu prepare for their opening night. Kristina and Trey arrive. Kris tells Lulu about her reality show. Carly arrives and offers her congratulations to Lulu and Johnny. Maxie and Patrick show up. Lulu tells them to have fun.

Dante talks to Anna about Heather possibly hiring a forger. Anna shows him her letter from Luke. They realize Heather wrote the note and has Luke stashed somewhere. Anna mentions Lulu’s letter. Dante wonders why she didn’t show it to him, until he reads it.

Todd wants Blair to go to the party with him to show Starr they’re making an effort and she agrees.

Michael gives Starr a rose. He tells her she’ll be great, despite the fact that she’s nervous. Johnny tells Lulu that Carly bought the first drink and wishes them success. Carly tells Lulu that Luke would be proud of her.

Blair hugs Starr and meets Johnny. Carly tells Todd to keep his hands off Johnny, but Todd’s more worried about Johnny’s hands on Starr and Blair. Blair is grateful to Johnny for all that he’s done for Starr. She tells Todd to thank Johnny and he reluctantly does.

Heather shows Luke a vial of LSD. Luke says no drug will make him love her, but she says the drugs are for Anna. She says Anna will go crazy. Luke wants to take it instead and make love. While Heather is tempted she decides the dose will go to Anna.

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Olivia tells Steve about Heather and the forger. Steve’s angry that she hasn’t dropped this whole thing like he asked. Steve is sure the guy was visiting someone else and that Heather is working tonight. Olivia wants them to talk to Dante which angers Steve who wants a break. Olivia says she’s trying to protect him, but Steve says he won’t’ abandon his mother.

Patrick goes to a back room to take a pill. He is surprised to see Kristina’s camera man and angrily tells him to film someone else.

Lulu welcomes everyone to the Star and that she’s toasting to starting over. Johnny says it’s about new beginnings. He thanks Carly for the second chance. Johnny introduces Starr who thanks everyone who helped her and sings a song, while staring intently at Michael.

Archie the forger is brought into the station. He originally denies knowing Heather, until Dante tells him one of the letters was sent to Anna. Anna says forensic verified it was his work. Archie admits Heather hired him to write the letters from Luke and mentions doing work with her before. He tells them about the letter from Maggie. Dante tells Anna the back-story. Anna’s even more concerned about Luke’s well being.

After the song is done, Blair and Todd congratulate Starr. She goes to Michael and they kiss, which shocks her parents and Carly. Starr admits they’re dating. Todd reminds her that Michael is Sonny’s son, but she points out he’s her father. Blair’s just happy that Starr is happy and Carly thinks it’s great.

Patrick tells Maxie he’s leaving, but for her to stay and support Lulu. Kristina congratulates Starr on her singing. Lulu tells Maxie that she’s worried about Dante who never showed up.

Carly tells Todd that she saw him and Blair hugging and he’s ready for new beginnings. Todd takes Blair to his room. She says they have a lot to talk about. He looks at a ring in a box.

Olivia finds Heather dressed up like the maid, in Anna’s room.

Patrick comes back to the boat and sees Ghost Robin on the deck.